San Lorenzo : Future stadium to be named after Pope Francis.

San Lorenzo announced their new stadium will be named after Pope Francis.

Pope Francis, the head of the catholic church and the most famous fan of San Lorenzo, the Argentine club who have revealed they will name their new ground after him.

The Primera Division club are planning on building a new stadium and the world leader of Catholicism has been a life supporter.

The new stadium will be built in Boedo, the Buenos Aires area where San Lorenzo played their home matches. In the same neighbourhood they forced to sell the land to the military in 1979.

Although, the club have now repurchased the area with the help of donations from fans.

San Lorenzo announced on Twitter.

"The name of the future stadium on La Plata Avenue has been approved. It will be called: Pope Francis."

San Lorenzo won the Copa Libertadores and the Torneo Incinal in the Argentine top flight last season.

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