Schurrle: Jose Mourinho sent me a text to say I had won a Premier League medal.

The German winger left Chelsea during the January transfer window and did not think he'd played enough to get a medal.

Andre Schurrle. Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Andre Schurrle only found out he had won a Premier League winners' medal when Jose Mourinho sent him a text message.

The German winger spent the first half of the season at Chelsea but was sold to Bundesliga side Wolfsburg during the January transfer window.

Schurrle did not think he had played enough games to have earnt a medal for his efforts, but learnt the error of his ways when his former manager got in touch.

"I didn't know that I'd get a medal when I didn't play most of the second half of the season," he told the BBC World Service.

"Jose Mourinho sent me a text to say that I'd get a medal and he asked me to come to the last game. That was very nice for me.

"I'm really happy for the boys. They played a very good second half of the season so of course me it's good to get a medal but the boys did the work."

Schurrle also spoke about his Chelsea exit, putting the dip in form that preceded his sale down to tiredness.

"I had the World Cup which was very perfect for me and the start of the season was good as well," he added.

"Then there came a little bit of a period for me where my body didn't feel very good, I was not clear in my head and I didn't have as many good moments for Chelsea.

"I wanted to come back to the Bundesliga, I wanted to feel a little bit more in the team and to get a bit more playing time.

"I love Chelsea still, I'm not frustrated, it was a great experience."

Source: Daily Mirror

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