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Spurs boss Conte's thoughts on rotation, form, first season, and VAR.

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Tottenham Hotspur boss Antonio Conte says his coaching staff must 'pay great attention to rotation' to keep his squad fresh and prevent further injury woes amid the busy fixture schedule.

The Italian confirmed that there are no new injury concerns ahead of the Premier League clash against Bournemouth as only forwards Richarlison and Dejan Kulusevski remain on the sidelines.

He also spoke about Tottenham's recent form and gave his thoughts on whether playing twice a week is having an impact on his side after seeing them win two [Everton and Brighton] of their last five Premier League matches, losing to Arsenal, Manchester United and Newcastle.

"I think for sure every team playing in Europe is a bit tired, especially Premier League teams that play both and play massive games. For this reason, we have to pay great attention to rotation and play a strong team."

'I continue to enjoy every day.'

Speaking about his first year at Tottenham, Conte said: "I always say that I am enjoying my time in Tottenham, and in one year we had a great path together, with the club, players, fans, and you [media].

"I think I am enjoying every single moment of my adventure in Tottenham. For sure I discovered a modern club, a club with a fantastic training ground and an amazing stadium.

"The passion of the fans, at the same time the demands of our fans. The demand is very high. I continue to enjoy every day."

'I don’t want to say what I think' about VAR.

And when asked about VAR after suggesting 'it is damaging football' because Harry Kane's Champions League additional time goal against Sporting was cancelled on Wednesday evening, he replied: "I said what I said. I feel the same, I haven’t changed my mind.

“I think it was very clear after the game what I said, I am just confirming what I said. I’m not going to repeat the same things again. The feeling about the situation is the same."

The 53-year-old continued: “For me, I continue to think it’s impossible to make a mistake with VAR because you have the screen, the time and it’s impossible to make mistakes for this reason.

"To stay at the screen for five to six minutes means that you have confusion in your mind. I hope in every situation to see honesty but to make a mistake on VAR – well I don’t want to say what I think.”

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