Stan Collymore says Jose Mourinho is not the right man to replace Unai Emery at Arsenal.

Arsenal will be sacrificing 15 years’ worth of work if they appoint Mourinho, says ex-Liverpool forward.

Former Liverpool star Stan Collymore believes sacking Unai Emery and replacing him with Jose Mourinho will have a negative effect at Arsenal.

The Gunners started the campaign in flying colours but results in recent weeks has put Emery under immense pressure, with various tabloids suggesting the former Chelsea Real Madrid and Inter Milan boss has already had a meeting with the Arsenal hierarchy, though the north London club have denied those reports.

However, Collymore says appointing the Portuguese will not be the right call for Arsenal at this point in time. “Those Arsenal fans who think the club should axe Unai Emery to bring in Jose Mourinho must be daft,” the former Premier League star wrote in his Mirror Sport column.

“Hiring The Special One would be akin to hiring a bulldozer and waving it into the Emirates.

“He is no longer the Mourinho of 2004 who blew into Chelsea and wowed us all.

“He is the guy who uses TV when he’s out of work to portray himself as clever, intelligent and incisive — all the things he was but isn’t anymore.

“The pitch doesn’t lie and Mourinho hasn’t created an exciting football team for a decade, so why on earth do Arsenal fans think he is the answer?“

The former centre-forward continued: “If they want to win a Europa League or FA Cup — something, anything — then, yes, he could do that for him.

“But the sacrifice would be that they’d be ripping up 15 years’ worth of work in getting them to play the way they do.

“All you’d get from Mourinho is the type of football he played at Manchester United: reactive, stodgy and slow, laced with big lumps comparatively speaking when you look at the lads Liverpool and Manchester City play with.

“I wouldn’t actually be getting rid of Emery yet, I’d give him until the end of the season.

“And providing he kept the Gunners in the top six, which I’m certain he will, then I’d be giving him another year at least.”

You can read Stan Collymor’s full opinion on why Arsenal shouldn’t go for Mourinho on here.

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