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Stephen Warnock Hails Man City's Grit and Character in 10-Man Victory

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Former England and Liverpool defender Stephen Warnock showered praise on Manchester City for their remarkable ability to secure a hard-fought victory despite being reduced to 10 men.

Speaking on Final Score, Warnock emphasised that while City is renowned for their dazzling football and tireless work off the ball, they also possess the essential quality of knowing how to navigate challenging situations and close out games effectively.

Warnock singled out the spine of Manchester City's team, highlighting the formidable characters within it. He began with goalkeeper Ederson, who has consistently demonstrated his composure and reliability under pressure. In central defence, Ruben Dias earned praise as an "animal of a defender," showcasing his resolute nature and ability to anchor the team's backline.

"Man City are a team we often give credit to for being such an amazing footballing team and working so hard off the ball," Warnock said as BBC Sport quoted.

"But they also know how to see out games, how to dig deep when they have to, and the spine of the team has got that character.

"Ederson, Dias who is an animal of a defender, Rodri in the midfield is the same, and then up top, you've got Haaland. All aggressive players, the spine of the team is solid so it's no surprise that they knew exactly how to dig the game out.

"You saw towards the end that they were going to the corner, trying to win throw-ins and decisions, they weren't thinking 'oh, we're too good, let's pass it around'. They know what they're doing to see a result out."

In essence, Warnock's analysis underscored the multifaceted nature of Manchester City's success. While their expansive and attractive style of play often takes centre stage, the team's ability to adapt, dig deep, and display character in challenging circumstances is equally vital to their achievements.

As Man City continue their pursuit of excellence, they can draw inspiration from their resilience and game management abilities, ensuring they remain a formidable force in both domestic and international competitions.

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