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Ten Hag Applauds Garnacho and Emphasises Team Unity in Man United's Victory

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag showered praise on Alejandro Garnacho and highlighted the importance of team unity after their 3-0 triumph over Everton at Goodison Park. Argentina international Garnacho scored an outstanding goal within five minutes of the start before goals from Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial ensured the game was put to bed.

In a post-match interview with Sky Sports, ten Hag lauded Garnacho's goal as a contender for the goal of the season. He commended not only the finish but also the exceptional build-up play that led to the goal. The manager, however, expressed criticism at halftime for what he perceived as the team becoming too complacent after a strong start. He stressed the need for a full 100-minute effort on the pitch, acknowledging the improved performance in the second half.

"Probably goal of the season,” the Dutchman said. "Also the build-up, not just the finish, was very good. The finish is fantastic. After the start of the game, we were too easygoing. I criticised the team at half-time. They thought they were already there. You can't do that. You have to do 100 minutes on the pitch. Second half we did very well. Our three offensive players scored. That's what we need. It will help us as a team."

Ten Hag underlined the significance of all three offensive players scoring, emphasising that such contributions are crucial for the team's success. Reflecting on Marcus Rashford's goal, ten Hag acknowledged the leadership qualities of captain Bruno Fernandes, who recognized Rashford's need for a confidence boost and backed him as a penalty taker.

Speaking about Rashford's goal, ten Hag stated, "A lot. You see also how great Captain Bruno is. He assessed his teammate needed that goal. He has confidence in Rashy, who is a good penalty-taker. As a team, you need that leadership that you back each other. We have to go step by step. This is one step."

Goalscorer Garnacho expressed his disbelief and joy after scoring the goal. Describing it as one of the best he has scored, he couldn't hide his happiness. When asked if it could be the goal of the season, Garnacho modestly replied, "Probably! It is still November, but yes."

The manager's acknowledgement of individual brilliance, combined with an emphasis on team cohesion, paints a positive picture for Manchester United as they continue their campaign.

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