Thierry Henry amazed by Anfield experience.

Thierry Henry took tremendous pleasure from the opportunity to experience 'You'll Never Walk Alone' without the necessity to block out Liverpool's anthem.

The Frenchman played at Anfield eight times with Arsenal and quickly earned the respect of the Kop for his awesome style - a threatening combination of pace, skill and finishing.

That feeling is reciprocated, with Henry regularly speaking during his time in England and since of the impact the Reds' stadium - the atmosphere and the noise - had on him.

Until Sunday, however, the former forward's opposition status meant that while on the inside he could bask in hearing 'You'll Never Walk Alone', calmness exuded on the exterior.

But lining up for Steven Gerrard's XI in the All-Star charity match afforded the 37-year-old a chance to pause and soak up the song in all its glory before the action began.

"I've said so many times they are amazing," Henry told of Reds fans. "When they are singing 'You'll Never Walk Alone', it is just amazing.

"It was the first time that I could, and was allowed, to watch it and enjoy it and it is great. This crowd has won so many points for the team.

"What a day for Stevie G, what a day for Carra and what a day for the club. I was just happy to be a small part of it."

A sensational piece of skill shortly before half-time in the 2-2 draw between Gerrard's team and Jamie Carragher's XI ensured Henry played much more than a small part.

Gliding forward with intent and faced with Carragher, he clipped a left-footed pass into Ryan Babel in the same movement that involved feigning to shoot with his right.

He explained: "That's the type of thing I like to do sometimes and I thought it was the right moment to do it. But, unfortunately for us, we didn't score."

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