Wenger gives Ozil full backing.

Despite helping the Germany win the world cup during the summer, Ozil is still waiting for his first goal and assist of the 2014-15 season.

Arsene Wenger has given Ozil his backing after signing the 25 year-old from Real Madrid on the final day of the summer transfer window in 2013.

“I would pay the money again. Of course. You expect the team to play well and not to put the responsibility on any one player to be a magician that does not exist any more in the modern game,” Wenger said.

“Of course I have to get the best out of him because of his price. But I feel that responsibility exactly the same for a player who cost £1. He did not pay the £42m himself.

“When I see a talent, for any player, I think how can I get the best out of him. That is not linked with price. It is just a coincidence that the market is like it is.”

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