Wenger: Mathematically, Chelsea can still win the League.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said that Chelsea cannot be ruled out of the Premier League title as they can still win it if calculated mathematically.

Chelsea's struggles this season has seen them drop to 15th place in the League, after winning just four in 14 games.

“Mathematically you cannot rule them out - even the bottom teams are in it,” he said. “It is so difficult. It is so tight and I don’t even look at the league anymore because it is very, very tight.

“Last week we had a bad result against West Brom and so did Manchester City [against Liverpool] so it compacted the whole table.

“I believe it is a big opportunity for us but many teams can tell you that. We are in a position where you want to be after 13 games but there are 25 to go.

“If there’s five or six to go and we are in the race, of course [we are contenders]. I think we have a chance but it is very early. I know people always want to know what will happen in the future but let’s take care of the game on Sunday.”

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