Wenger: New FIFA president needs to love football.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said that the new FIFA president, when elected, should be a lover of football.

FIFA elections are scheduled to hold in February 2016 with Sepp Blatter to step down after 17 years at the helm.

“First I think it needs to be somebody who loves football,” he told the Arsenal Magazine, arsenal.com reports.

“Somebody who has integrity, somebody who wants to develop the game and wants to put football into the 21st century.

“Let’s not forget that football is 150 years old and is the most popular sport in the world. There’s more to come from our game.

“It looks like China, Asia, the United States are opening up to football. I believe that the first thing that all these regions will want is integrity.

“The game is beautiful, the game is fantastic. Everybody loves the game. Let’s make sure that the organisation has integrity and a clean reputation.”

Thinkfootballideas Staff

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