Wenger reluctant to rest Alexis Sanchez.

Wenger: “Spontaneously it might not be the best moment to rest Alexis."

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has expressed reluctance to rest his star man Alexis Sanchez.

The former Barcelona player has played majority of Arsenal's games this season, missing only two.

“Spontaneously it might not be the best moment to rest Alexis but I don’t know,” the manager said, arsenal.com reports. “He had a little hamstring alarm but we will see how he recovers from that.

“I take information, especially from medical people who know him and treat him everyday. After that we will look at his overall recovery as well, but overall when there are alarming signs we want to make the right decision at the right moment.

“As long as the guys are in confidence, they score goals. It is always difficult to rest them.

“You always think that he knows himself well and he looks [tired] sometimes because when he does something he does it 100 per cent.

“So he finishes and you think, ‘He’s dead now’. But then he recovers and gives 100 per cent again. So you always see signs of exhaustion but it’s not that because two days later he’s fine.

“His style is very explosive and very committed. [Jamie] Vardy is a bit similar. They go when they go.

“They are like the lion, he has to catch the animal in the first 200 metres. If he doesn’t get there, after he’s dead.

“They are these kind of killers. When they go, it is to kill and after they have to stop.

“His resistance is remarkable. What is also remarkable is that he goes to South America, he comes back Thursday night and on Saturday he can play without a problem even if he’s jet-lagged. He would have been a perfect tennis player.”

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