Wenger: Surprised by Mesut Ozil’s “huge physical potential”

Arsene Wenger is convinced his attacking midfielder Mesut Ozil has got a huge physical potential.

Arsenal.com reported the World Cup winner has had a total run of 63.24km - the highest in the team - during their matches since their 5-0 win over Aston Villa on February 1st.

Last Sunday at the Emirates, when they beat Everton 2-0, Ozil also covered the most ground and the Arsenal boss was pleased with the 26-year-old's performance.

“I knew he had a good physical potential, but I did not know how good he was physically. He has a huge physical potential,” Wenger said.

“We are all in a job where in every single game we have to prove a point. I believe he has the quality, he puts a lot of effort in to help the team and he works much harder than his style shows.

“You can be cheated a little bit by his style of play, because he is fluent, easy, subtle and he does not look like he puts the effort in, but he does.”

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