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10 Interesting Facts About Leandro Trossard.

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Full Name: Leandro Trossard

Date of birth: 4 December 1994 (age 28)

Place of birth: Maasmechelen, Belgium

Height: 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)

Position(s): Forward

Current Team: Arsenal

10 Interesting Facts About Leandro Trossard.
10 Interesting Facts About Leandro Trossard.

Leandro Trossard, born on December 4, 1994, in the picturesque city of Genk, Belgium, has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of football. His journey from the vibrant streets of Genk to the grand stadiums of the Premier League with Arsenal is marked by intriguing twists and fascinating facts that shed light on the talented winger.

Trossard's football odyssey commenced in the picturesque towns of eastern Belgium, where his love for the beautiful game was ignited. From a young age, the ball was his constant companion, and his passion for football knew no bounds.

As we delve deeper into the life and career of Leandro Trossard, we uncover not only his impressive skills on the pitch but also his remarkable journey to becoming an integral part of Belgium's national team and one of Arsenal's rising stars.

Here are 10 interesting and rare facts about Leandro Trossard:

1. Rise from the Belgian Pro League

Leandro Trossard's journey to Arsenal is a testament to his determination and talent. He began his football journey in the Belgian Pro League, where he progressed through the youth ranks of different clubs, including Patro Eisden, Bocholter VV, Lommel United and Genk. During his time at KRC Genk, he honed his skills and emerged as one of the league's standout performers. His impressive performances caught the eye of scouts from top European clubs, ultimately leading to his move to the English Premier League with Brighton & Hove Albion [in 2019] before joining Arsenal [in 2023].

2. Versatility & Exceptional Crossing Ability

Leandro Trossard is not your typical winger. While he primarily operates on the left flank, his versatility allows him to seamlessly switch positions during matches. This adaptability makes him a valuable asset for Arsenal, as he can exploit different areas of the pitch, confounding defenders and creating opportunities for his team.

One of Trossard's standout qualities is his exceptional ability to deliver precise crosses into the box. Whether from open play or set-pieces, his crosses are known for their accuracy and dangerous nature. His pinpoint deliveries provide Arsenal with a potent aerial threat, and they often result in crucial goals for his team.

3. English Premier League Debut Goal

Trossard made an instant impact in the English Premier League (EPL) with Brighton & Hove Albion. He scored a memorable goal on his EPL debut for Brighton against West Ham United in August 2019, showcasing his ability to perform on the big stage.

4. Captaining Belgium's U21 Team

Before earning his first senior cap with the Belgian national team, Trossard assumed the role of captain for the U21 squad due to his exceptional leadership qualities and stellar on-field displays. This served as a testament to his consistency and rising significance within the realm of Belgian football.

5. Brighton & Hove Spell

Trossard was a key player for Brighton since joining in 2019. He consistently delivered memorable goals, including notable performances against top teams like Tottenham, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City. However, the relationship between Trossard and the club took a sharp downturn in early January 2023.

According to reports at the time, Manager Roberto De Zerbi publicly criticised the player for leaving a training session without permission, citing concerns about his attitude and behaviour. In response, Trossard's agent, Josy Comhair, accused De Zerbi of humiliating the player in front of his teammates and suggested that a transfer might be the best solution. The situation cast doubt on Trossard's future at Brighton, and eventually, his journey with the Seagulls, marked by remarkable goals and contributions, came to an end.

6. Embracing the Arsenal Challenge

Leandro Trossard's move to Arsenal marked a significant chapter in his career. The Premier League is known for its intensity and competitiveness, and Trossard's ability to adapt quickly to the English top flight showcases his determination to succeed at the highest level. His commitment to the Gunners and his eagerness to contribute to their success makes him a fan favourite at the Emirates Stadium.

7. Historic Hat-Trick of Assists and Goals

Demonstrating remarkable playmaking skills, he orchestrated all three of Arsenal's goals in a remarkable win at Fulham on 12th March 2023, etching his name in Premier League history as the first player to deliver a hat-trick of assists in the first half of an away game. Additionally, he became the first player since Santi Cazorla to achieve both a hat-trick and a hat-trick of assists in a single season.

8. The Key to Becoming Two-Footed

Trossard's grandfather Gerard, despite not being a professional footballer himself, played a significant role in the young football enthusiast's development. Recognising Leandro's passion and talent, he took on the role of mentor and guide. He imparted invaluable wisdom, emphasising the importance of honing both feet—a lesson that would prove to be the cornerstone of Trossard's career.

The elder Trossard believed that becoming two-footed was not merely a skill but a necessity for those aspiring to reach the pinnacle of football. “Yes my grandad really inspired me, especially when I was younger,” Trossard once said as Arsenal's official website quoted. “He didn’t play himself, but he helped me a lot throughout my career. He was always there for me, supporting me, coming to games and everything. In fact, he was the one training me to use my left foot as well. He always used to say that if you want to be a top player, you need to develop both feet. He said you have to be two-footed and he helped me with that.” What is Trossard's current market value? In June 2023, Transfermarkt valued him at 35 million euros, but this figure is expected to increase as he continues to impress.

9. Arsenal's Record-Breaking Super Sub

On the 21st of October 2023, Leandro Trossard etched his name in Arsenal's history books again by achieving a remarkable feat in the Premier League. As the first Gunners player ever to score his first three goals for the club as a substitute, Trossard showcased his unique impact off the bench. His defining moment came with a late equaliser against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, a testament to his knack for turning the tide of a game. After Declan Rice had breathed new life into the Gunners with his goal from outside the box while they were two goals down, Trossard's clinical finish at the back post sent Arsenal fans into ecstasy.

10. Emirates Milestone: Trossard's 1,000-Goal Spark

November 11, 2023, marked another historic moment for Leandro Trossard as he etched his name into Arsenal's legacy, securing the team's 1,000th goal at the Emirates Stadium across all competitions. Trossard's pivotal opening goal set the stage for Arsenal's triumphant 3-1 victory against Burnley, with additional goals from William Saliba and Oleksandr Zinchenko, showcasing the team's attacking prowess. The Emirates witnessed a total of 1,002 goals on that memorable day, a testament to Arsenal's rich history of goal-scoring excellence on their home turf.

Bonus - Youthful Philanthropist & Family Boost

Off the pitch, Trossard is involved in philanthropic efforts, particularly in supporting youth-related causes and charities. He uses his platform as a professional footballer to make a positive impact on the lives of young people in need.

While the Trossard family didn't boast a storied history in high-level football, their unwavering support for Leandro played a pivotal role in his early development. Trossard's grandfather, a guiding light and a pillar of encouragement saw potential in the young football enthusiast and became his mentor. Another person who has been an unwavering source of support and motivation throughout his career is Trossard's wife [Laura Hilven]. Since they embarked on this adventure together, her unwavering presence has been instrumental in his growth as a footballer and as a person. She not only stands by his side during the highs but also provides comfort and encouragement during challenging times. This unyielding support system has played a crucial role in helping Trossard navigate the demanding world of professional football. Being by his side through thick and thin, Trossard's wife understands the rigours of the sport, enabling her to offer the right kind of support.

Leandro Trossard Honours:


  • Belgian First Division A: 2018–19

  • Belgian Cup: 2012–13


  • Belgian Second Division: 2013–14


  • FA Community Shield: 2023

Leandro Trossard is a footballer with a unique blend of versatility, skill, and determination. As he continues to shine for Arsenal, fans eagerly anticipate his contributions on the pitch and look forward to witnessing his growth as a player in the coming seasons.

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