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9 Interesting Facts About Gabriel Jesus - The Brazil Gem

Updated: May 3

Full Name: Gabriel Fernando de Jesus

Date of Birth: 3 April 1997

Place of Birth: São Paulo, Brazil

Height: 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)

Position: Strier / Forward

Current Team: Arsenal FC

Brazilian football has always been a breeding ground for some of the most talented and electrifying players in the world. Among these stars, Gabriel Jesus shines brightly. With his skill, charisma, and dedication, striker Gabriel Jesus has captured the hearts of football fans worldwide. His path from the neighbourhoods of São Paulo to the pinnacle of global football is undeniably inspirational.

In this article, we've explored the life and career of this remarkable player Gabriel Jesus, uncovering nine interesting facts that make him a true standout in the footballing world. You’ll also get to know the answers to questions like; What are some facts about Gabriel Jesus? What is Gabriel Jesus known for? Where did Gabriel Jesus start playing football?

Here are the 9 Gabriel Jesus Facts You Probably Don't Know.

1. He Had A Humble Beginning in São Paulo

Gabriel Jesus was born on April 3, 1997, in São Paulo, Brazil. He grew up in the neighbourhood of Jardim Peri, a humble area with limited resources. This modest upbringing played a significant role in shaping his character and work ethic. Raised by a single mother, Gabriel had to overcome financial hardships to pursue his football dreams. His early days were spent playing street football with friends and developing the skills that would one day propel him to international stardom.

2. From Futsal Academy to Success at Palmeiras

Before gracing the grand stages of professional soccer, Gabriel honed his skills on the smaller futsal courts. The tighter spaces and faster pace of futsal nurtured his close control, agility, and quick thinking, attributes that have become his signature style on the field. Then at just 12 years old, Gabriel Jesus joined the youth academy of Palmeiras, one of Brazil's most prestigious football clubs. His talent quickly became evident as he progressed through the ranks. In 2015, at the age of 18, he made his professional debut for Palmeiras. His rise to the first team was meteoric, and it was clear that Brazil had unearthed a true gem.

3. He is the Golden Boy of Brazilian Football

Gabriel Jesus became a sensation in Brazilian football, earning comparisons to legendary Brazilian strikers like Ronaldo and Romário. His blend of speed, technical prowess, and goal-scoring ability was a breath of fresh air, and he soon earned the nickname "O Menino de Ouro" or "The Golden Boy" in his homeland.

4. His Olympic Glory is Historic

One of the highlights of Gabriel Jesus's career came in 2016 when he was part of the Brazilian national team that won the gold medal at the Rio Olympics. This historic victory was Brazil's first Olympic gold in football, and Gabriel Jesus played a crucial role, scoring multiple goals during the tournament.

5. He Has A Manchester Connection

In August 2016, Gabriel Jesus made a high-profile move to Premier League side Manchester City, becoming part of Pep Guardiola's ambitious project. His arrival in the English top flight marked the beginning of a new chapter in his career. Despite the challenges of adapting to a new league and culture, Gabriel quickly became a key player for the Cityzens, winning four Premier League titles as well as one FA Cup and three League Cups. He also managed to score 95 goals for the Etihad club before leaving for Arsenal in the summer of 2022.

6. The Number 9 Shirt

Gabriel Jesus wears the iconic number 9 shirt for both Arsenal and the Brazilian national team. This number carries immense significance in Brazilian football, as it has been worn by legendary strikers like Ronaldo and Pelé. The pressure of living up to the legacy of these greats hasn't rattled Gabriel, as he continues to shine as the focal point of Brazil's attack.

7. He Has A Relentless Work Ethic

One of the key factors in Gabriel Jesus's success is his tireless work ethic. He is known for his dedication to training and his commitment to improving his skills. This determination to continually get better has helped him overcome obstacles and maintain a high level of performance, even in the face of tough competition.

8. His Community Involvement is Remarkable

Despite his rise to fame and fortune, Gabriel Jesus remains connected to his roots and is deeply involved in charitable work in Brazil. He has funded initiatives to improve education and sports facilities in his hometown and has been an inspiration to many young aspiring footballers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

9. He Has A Bright Future

At the time of writing, Gabriel Jesus is still in the early stages of his career at Arsenal, with many years of football ahead of him. With his natural talent, dedication, and passion for the game, there's no doubt that he will continue to be a prominent figure for Mikel Arteta's Gunners [who are seeking their first league title since 2004] and Brazil. As he continues to evolve and mature as a player, the world eagerly anticipates the next chapter in the remarkable story of Gabriel Jesus.

Gabriel Jesus' Honours


  • Campeonato Brasileiro Série A: 2016

  • Copa do Brasil: 2015

Manchester City

  • 1 x FA Cup: 2018–19

  • 3 x EFL Cup: 2017–18, 2019–20, 2020–21

  • 2 x FA Community Shield: 2018, 2019

  • 4 x Premier League: 2017–18, 2018–19, 2020–21, 2021–22

Brazil U23

  • 1 x Olympic Gold Medal: 2016


  • 1x Copa América: 2019

Gabriel Jesus' Individual Honours

  • Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Best Newcomer: 2015

  • Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Best Player: 2016

  • Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Team of the Year: 2016

  • Bola de Ouro: 2016

  • Bola de Prata: 2016

  • South American Footballer of the Year Silver Ball: 2016

  • South American Team of the Year: 2016

Gabriel Jesus's journey from the streets of São Paulo to the elite stages of world football is nothing short of inspiring. His rise to stardom, marked by dedication, humility, and a relentless work ethic, has endeared him to fans around the globe. As he continues to ply his trade, Gabriel remains a symbol of hope and achievement, proving that dreams can indeed come true, no matter where you start. So, wherever you are be there and always remember it's in you to make it.

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