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11 Interesting Micky van de Ven Facts From Childhood in Netherlands

Updated: May 22

Full Name: Micky van de Ven

Date of Birth: 19 April 2001

Place of Birth: Wormer, Netherlands

Height: 1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)

Position: Centre-back 

Current Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Jersey Number: 37

11 Interesting Micky van de Ven Facts From Childhood in Netherlands
11 Interesting Micky van de Ven Facts From Childhood in The Netherlands

Inscribed in the history of football, there is a tale woven with threads of faith and perseverance, and it is that of Micky van der Ven's ascent from childhood dreams to the grand stage of the Premier League.

Picture a young lad, honing his skills amidst the modest fields of WSV '30 Wormer, where his journey began. Little did he know that destiny's hand was already at play, guiding him through key moments and crucial decisions that would shape his future.

Now, let’s unravel the chapters of his interesting story, tracing the path from innocence to immortality on the hallowed grounds of the Premier League with Tottenham Hotspur.

11 Interesting Career Facts About Micky van der Ven from Childhood in The Netherlands 

1. He Began His Career at WSV '30 Wormer Before Heading to FC Volendam

At a tender age, Micky van de Ven initiated his football odyssey at local club WSV '30 Wormer, paving the way for his ascent in the sport. Transitioning to the FC Volendam Youth Academy in 2013, he honed his skills over six formative years, culminating in his graduation in 2019.

2. He Was Nearly Released at Volendam

In the spring of 2019, Micky faced the imminent prospect of being released from Volendam's academy team. However, a turning point came when a new regime, led by Wim Jonk as head coach and Jasper van Leeuwen as sporting director, recognised his potential during a U19 game. This moment led to reevaluating his future at the club, sparking a series of significant milestones, notably his debut against Jong PSV in the Eerste Divisie, where he showcased his talent, particularly during the 2019-20 season. It also laid the groundwork for what would evolve into an impressive career, setting the stage for his future achievements.

3. He Assumed the Captaincy During His First Full Season at Volendam

Exhibiting leadership from the outset, he assumed the captaincy during his first full season at Volendam. This noteworthy achievement came for a player, who was once considered the fifth-choice centre-back before Jonk and his team recognised his potential and awarded him a new contract. Within months, he solidified his position as a starter for the first team. Notably, he scored twice in 48 senior appearances, showcasing his ability to contribute goals plus his leadership qualities on the field. His tenure as captain coincided with Volendam's push towards the promotion playoffs, underscoring his role in the team's pursuit of success.

4. He Transferred to German Club VfL Wolfsburg in 2021

In 2021, van de Ven made a significant career move by joining German club VfL Wolfsburg, marking a vital moment in his professional journey. At the time, he wore the No. 5 jersey and consistently featured in the starting lineup, contributing to 40% of victories for Die Wölfe (The Wolves). Additionally, his tackle and pass success rates stood at an impressive 61.8 per cent and 90.85 per cent, respectively, in the 2022-23 Bundesliga season, highlighting his proficiency on the field.

5. His Only Bundesliga Goal was Against Borussia Dortmund

With just one goal scored in 41 matches in all competitions, including 3 assists, his Bundesliga tenure was punctuated by a standout moment: a solitary strike in a 2-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund. This achievement underscored his skill and impact and emphasised his ability to make meaningful contributions to his team's success in one of Europe's most competitive leagues.

6. He Had the Fastest Speed of Any Bundesliga Defender in 2022–23

Under the guidance of coach Mark van Bommel, Van de Ven, who has always been likened to Virgil van Dijk and is known for his versatility and ability to play at left-back, was prominent among his peers. He achieved the distinction of recording the highest speed of any Bundesliga defender throughout the 2022–23 season at 22.3mph (35.97 km/h), showcasing his athleticism and agility.

7. His Exploits at Bundesliga Club Wolfsburg Led to Spurs Securing His Services

His stellar displays at Wolfsburg captured the attention of top clubs, ultimately leading to Tottenham Hotspur securing his signature. This move from the city Volkswagen built to north London, announced on 8 August 2023, marked a significant milestone in his career path. And, five days later, on 13 August, he made his debut in the 2023–24 Premier League season, starting against Brentford.

The Dutchman scored his first goal in English football on 7 October 2023, during Tottenham's 1-0 victory over Luton Town. Van der Ven has scored three Premier League goals for the Lilywhites and they have all been winners. His tackle success rate of 70% so far at Spurs further solidified his impact on the team.

8. He's Represented the Netherlands Internationally at U21 and Senior Levels

Micky van de Ven's international journey commenced at the under-21 level, where he represented the Netherlands with distinction. As captain of the Netherlands under-21 team at the Euros, he demonstrated leadership and skill, laying the groundwork for his transition to the senior national team. In August 2023, van de Ven received his first official call-up to the Netherlands senior national team, marking a significant milestone in his career. Sealing his status as a key player for his country, he debuted in a UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying match against France on 13 October 2023.

9. He is the Premier League's Fastest Recorded Player

Micky van de Ven made football history by becoming the Premier League's fastest-recorded player, reaching a speed of 23.23 miles per hour. This achievement was solidified during his performance against Brentford on 31 January 2024, following his return from a hamstring injury. Setting a new record since data collection began in the 2020/21 season, van de Ven's exceptional speed and agility on the pitch distinguishes him as a standout player and underscores his unparalleled athleticism in one of the world's most competitive football leagues.

10. He Used To Be A Striker 

Van de Ven's journey in football took an unexpected turn when he was initially identified as a striker and frequently deployed on the left wing. However, a decision saw him transition from attacking roles to defence. Despite this positional shift, his passion for improvement remained unwavering. His commitment to excellence was evident in matches and during training sessions, where he consistently pushed himself to excel and emerged victorious. This relentless drive to succeed, coupled with his versatility and dedication, ultimately played a crucial role in shaping his career trajectory.

11. His Career-Altering Moment With Former Agent Raiola

Mino Raiola's involvement marked a significant turn in Micky van de Ven's career, as the late football agent recognised the young man’s budding potential. Despite initial rejections from Volendam towards bids from Wolfsburg and Marseille, Van de Ven and Raiola embarked on a legal battle to dissolve his contract, resulting in a contentious dispute. However, the resolution came through an arbitration committee, which awarded Volendam a substantial sum of €3.5 million, bonuses for Van de Ven's transfer, and a 15% sell-on fee. And, the situation left observers pondering.

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