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13 Interesting Thomas Partey Facts From Childhood

Updated: Apr 1

Thomas Partey's journey from childhood in Ghana, where football holds significant cultural importance, to football stardom at Arsenal is filled with fascinating anecdotes and achievements.

Hailing from Krobo Odumase, Ghana, Thomas was born on June 13, 1993, to Jacob and Petty Partey. His roots are deeply intertwined with his homeland, where his passion for football first took root.

Parents, Family Background

His parents Jacob and Petty Partey stand as pillars of strength in Thomas's life. Their unwavering support and guidance helped shape his character from his earliest days. Amidst his football career, Partey recently embraced a significant milestone in his personal life: fatherhood.

Welcoming a lovely baby girl with his girlfriend, Janine Mackson, on January 23, 2024, Partey embarked on a new chapter filled with joy, responsibility, and boundless love. His parent's influence, coupled with the recent milestone of embracing fatherhood, underscores the importance of family in his life and career.

Below Are Interesting Career Facts About Thomas Partey From Childhood

1. Early Football Days

Thomas Partey's early days in football saw him begin his journey with Odometah in 2011 before transitioning to Spanish club Leganés in 2012. However, it was in the same year that he made a pivotal move to Atlético Madrid's youth academy. Leganés later gained a benefit of 5 million euros due to Partey's transfer to Arsenal after negotiating a certain percentage of the Ghanaian's rights.

2. Height and Physicality

Standing tall at 1.85 meters (6 feet 1 inch), Thomas's towering presence on the field complements his physical prowess and agility, making him a formidable force to reckon with.

3. Playing Style and Versatility

With a tackle success rate of 58% in the Premier League, as of writing, Thomas's playing style is characterised by a blend of defensive solidity and attacking flair. While he excels as a defensive midfielder, his versatility allows him to seamlessly transition into roles such as right-back, showcasing his adaptability and tactical nous.

4. Professional Debut

Partey's professional journey commenced at Spanish powerhouse Atlético Madrid in 2013, marking the beginning of a remarkable career trajectory filled with highs and lows.

5. Loan Spells and Development

During his tenure at Atlético Madrid, Partey embarked on loan spells at Mallorca and Almería, where he refined his game and gained invaluable experience, laying the foundation for future success.

6. International Representation

Proudly donning the national colours of Ghana, Partey has graced the stage of multiple Africa Cup of Nations tournaments and the 2022 FIFA World Cup, representing his country with passion and pride.

7. Accolades and Recognition

His stellar performances have not gone unnoticed, earning him prestigious accolades such as inclusion in the CAF Team of the Year in 2018 and consecutive Ghana Player of the Year awards in 2018 and 2019, cementing his status as one of Africa's finest football talents. Partey made history in 2018 by becoming the first Ghanaian to win the Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup in a single season while playing for Atletico Madrid. At the time, he was the sole Ghanaian to have secured victory in the UEFA Super Cup.

8. Transfer to Arsenal and Jersey number

In a historic move in October 2020, Thomas made the transition to English football giants Arsenal, donning the iconic number 5 jersey, in a record-breaking transfer worth £45 million (€50 million), signalling a new chapter in his career and a fresh challenge on the global stage. Some famous Gunners who have worn the No. 5 shirt in the past include Tony Adams, Steve Walford, Kolo Toure and Thomas Vermaelen.

Partey expressed his fondness for the number, stating on Arsenal's official website: "I like the Number five because it's one of the most important numbers in the team and it is also a lucky number for me. It's the number I've worn for the past few years, so for me it's one of the best numbers."

9. Premier League Debut

The eagerly anticipated debut for Arsenal came on October 17, 2020, in a high-stakes Premier League encounter against Manchester City, where Thomas showcased his prowess and adaptability on the grandest of stages.

10. Club Success and Trophy Triumphs

During his tenure at Atlético Madrid, Thomas Partey experienced a period of immense success, contributing significantly to the club's rich legacy of triumph. His time with the club saw him clinch several prestigious titles, including La Liga in 2020–21, the UEFA Europa League in 2017–18, and the UEFA Super Cup in 2018.

11. Memorable Moments and Goal-Scoring Feats

Among the many highlights of his career, Thomas etched his name in Arsenal's history books with a memorable goal in a 3-1 home victory over arch-rivals Tottenham Hotspur, clinching the Arsenal Goal of the Month award for October 2022.

12. Once changed name to Yakubu

An intriguing aspect of Thomas Partey's life journey emerged when he converted to Islam and changed his name to Yakubu after marrying Sara Bella, a Moroccan radiologist and model. Despite this significant personal change, when representing Arsenal, he continued to be referred to as Partey, with his jersey bearing the name 'Thomas.' However, as reports had it, the marriage didn't last long and came to an end about a year later, adding another layer of complexity to the footballer's narrative

13. Difficulties Adapting to Arsenal's Style of Play

Significant challenges marked Partey's integration into Arsenal's style of play. Despite his undeniable talent and experience, the Ghanaian admitted he faced difficulties adjusting to the club's playing philosophy under manager Mikel Arteta. This adaptation period was compounded by a series of injuries, sidelining him for a notable period.

"Yes, it was a difficult moment to get used to how the team play and I think the injuries are part of the adaptation and now I feel good," Partey said ahead of Arsenal's Europa League last-16 first leg against Olympiacos in 2021.

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