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Profiling 10 Untold Fascinating Facts From Endrick's Childhood in Brazil

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Full Name: Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa

Date of Birth: 21 July 2006

Place of Birth: Taguatinga, Brazil

Height: 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)

Position(s): Striker

Current Team: Real Madrid [on Loan @ Palmeiras]

Profiling Untold Fascinating Facts From Endrick's Childhood Journey in Brazil
Profiling Untold Fascinating Facts From Endrick's Childhood Journey in Brazil

Interesting Facts About Endrick From Childhood in Brazil to the Santiago Bernabeu

Endrick's journey is brimmed with fascinating facts, beginning with his vibrant childhood rooted in the heart of Brazil. Raised in Taguatinga, by his devoted parents, Douglas and Cintia, Endrick's upbringing was steeped in rich Brazilian culture and values. His faith in his dreams took root within this nurturing environment.

At a tender age, Endrick's love for football blossomed, sparking a lifelong passion that would shape his destiny. Despite facing challenges, Endrick's resilience remained steadfast as he pursued his dreams on the football field, honing his skills and overcoming obstacles with unwavering determination.

Endrick Parents, Family, and Heritage

Endrick's family is deeply rooted in heritage and unity, shaping his journey from Taguatinga, Federal District. Alongside his parents, Douglas de Sousa Silva Ramos and Cintia, Endrick shares his life with a close-knit network that includes a brother and two sisters.

Their family bond reflects a legacy of fortitude passed down through generations. Endrick's upbringing, enriched by the traditions and values instilled by his parents, echoes the strength of his Brazilian heritage. From childhood, he was surrounded by the warmth of family gatherings, where stories of their ancestors and cultural traditions were shared. These experiences nurtured his love for football and instilled a deep appreciation for his roots and the importance of family solidarity.

Journey into 10 Untold Facts About Endrick From Childhood in Brazil to Real Madrid

1. He Started Playing Football at the Age of 4

Fuelled by a burgeoning passion for football, Endrick took his first steps onto the pitch at the tender age of four. This marked the inception of a lifelong love affair with the beautiful game, as Endrick honed his skills with each kick of the ball.

2. Football Legacy Runs in his Family via His Father

Endrick's journey into the world of football was intricately woven with the dedication of his father, Douglas de Sousa Silva Ramos. Douglas, a tireless football enthusiast, didn't just introduce Endrick to the sport; he ignited a flame of passion that would shape his son's destiny. Despite facing financial hardships and earning meagre wages from his pursuits on the pitch, Douglas remained steadfast in his commitment to providing opportunities for Endrick.

3. Endrick and His Siblings Resided in An Orphanage in São Paulo

The backdrop of Endrick's childhood was not without its challenges. Following unforeseen circumstances, Endrick and his siblings found themselves in the care of an orphanage in São Paulo as his mum was unemployed and was seeking opportunities. Despite the adversities, it was within these walls that Endrick's resilience and determination began to take shape.

He once said of his mum: “My mother is an essential part of all my work, of all my struggle, I owe everything to her. I hope she’s happy with me. She does a lot. I barely have any friends, I don't go out. I do a lot for my mother. She taught me that I need to dedicate myself to my work. I rest on vacation. When I feel good, I also have a life, I have to have fun. But when I'm at work, it's total dedication.”

4. His Father Promised Endrick Football Would be their Ticket Out of Poverty

In moments of adversity, such as when their pantry was bare, Douglas made a solemn promise to Endrick - that football would be their ticket out of poverty. Determined to fulfil this pledge, Douglas laboured tirelessly, even taking on janitorial duties at Palmeiras to support his son's footballing dreams. The club, recognising the family's dedication, extended a helping hand by covering Douglas's rent, ensuring he could continue to nurture Endrick's burgeoning talent. Thus, Douglas's enduring legacy lies in his love for the game and his unshakable devotion to his son's aspirations, serving as a beacon of inspiration in Endrick's remarkable journey.

5. Endrick Trained in a Real Madrid Camp at Age 8

Endrick's prodigious talent caught the eye of scouts at a young age, leading to a transformative opportunity to train at a Real Madrid camp at just eight years old. This immersive experience honed Endrick's skills and provided a glimpse into the realm of professional football at an impressionable age.

6. He Joined the Palmeiras Youth Team at 11

At the age of 11, Endrick embarked on a new chapter in his footballing journey by joining the prestigious Palmeiras youth team. This pivotal moment was a stepping stone towards realising his dreams of making a mark on the global stage.

7. Endrick Made His Senior Professional Debut at 16

Endrick's talent continued to flourish, culminating in a milestone moment as he made his senior professional debut at the tender age of 16. This significant achievement underscored his rapid ascent through the ranks of Brazilian football, garnering attention on national and international platforms.

8. The Guardian Named him one of the Best Talents Born in 2006

Endrick's prowess on the pitch did not go unnoticed, with The Guardian recognising him as one of the best talents born in 2006. This accolade served as a testament to Endrick's innate abilities and the promising trajectory of his footballing career.

9. Endrick Signed with Real Madrid in December 2022

In a momentous turn of events, Endrick realised a childhood dream as he inked a deal with footballing giants Real Madrid in December 2022. This pivotal move catapulted him onto the global stage, solidifying his status as one of the most promising young talents in football. The forward will join his new team in Spain at age 18 on July 25, 2024.

10. He is Widely Recognised on the International Stage

Endrick's footballing ability extends globally, solidifying his status as a sensation beyond Brazil. His international journey began with a bang at the 2022 Montaigu Tournament in France, where he dominated, securing Brazil's victory with five goals, including a crucial strike against Argentina. Subsequent call-ups to the under-20 and under-23 squads highlighted his prodigious talent, marked by his debut goal against Bolivia in a pre-Olympic match.

Endrick emerged as the fourth youngest player in history to debut for Brazil, marking the youngest debut in 57 years. Recognised as the youngest to secure a senior call-up for Brazil since Ronaldo in 1994, his debut goal against England further cemented his international acclaim. Additionally, Endrick scored his goal on the same date Ronaldo made his debut, a nod to history. As he continues to captivate audiences worldwide, Endrick's presence on the global stage epitomises his extraordinary skill and pursuit of excellence.

Bonus - He is A Bobby Charlton Fan

Endrick's admiration for football legend Sir Bobby Charlton is evident, as he proudly includes him in his all-time team on FC24, a popular FIFA game by EA Sports. This affinity for Charlton transcends virtual gaming, as Endrick has been known to mention Charlton's name in his post-match interviews. He understands the significance of Charlton's legacy, particularly his ties to the iconic Wembley stadium, where he scored against England to become the youngest player to score a goal in men's football at the famous stadium.


Through adversity and triumph alike, Endrick has emerged as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring footballers around the globe. As Endrick continues to script his story at the pinnacle of professional football, his journey from childhood serves as a reminder that with talent, hard work, and a dash of destiny, the impossible can become possible.

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