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Arsenal Striker Nketiah: 'I Want to Hear That Theme Tune at the Emirates'

Arsenal's Homegrown Star Nketiah 'Buzzing To Be Involved In The Champions League

Arsenal striker Eddie Nketiah, at the age of 24, is living out a lifelong dream, fueled by his unwavering passion for the club.

In an exclusive conversation with FourFourTwo, Nketiah provided insight into the deep-rooted connections that have driven his career and ambitions.

"It was just my love for the club. London’s home, the club is home, but I’ve been an Arsenal fan all my life and that played a big part," he shared. Nketiah's affinity for Arsenal has been a lifelong bond that transcends the typical player-club relationship.

His decision to remain at Arsenal was influenced by more than just sentimental ties. The vision presented by Arsenal's manager, as well as the crucial role he was offered, played a pivotal role in his determination to stay with the club.

"Talking to the manager and the plans he had for me, and the fact he needed me… I knew I wanted to learn, develop, and help this club," Nketiah explained, underlining his commitment to personal growth and the club's success.

For Nketiah, the prospect of stepping onto the grand stage of the UEFA Champions League is an exhilarating one. As he remarked: "I’m buzzing to be involved in the Champions League – I’ve never played at the Bernabeu, so that would be an experience."

However, his true heart's desire is to hear the iconic Champions League anthem echoing through the Emirates Stadium. Nketiah is acutely aware of the emotions that pulsate within the Arsenal fan base and the significance of representing the club.

"I know what the fans are feeling, and what it means to be part of Arsenal," he emphasised. His understanding of the expectations and the pride that comes with wearing the Arsenal crest fuels his determination to make a meaningful contribution.

In the fast-paced world of football, where club allegiances can be fleeting, Nketiah's steadfast love for Arsenal sets him apart as a player driven by more than just contracts and statistics.

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