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Arteta's Concern Over Gabriel Jesus' Injury and Player Welfare at Arsenal

Arteta On Gabriel Jesus' Injury and Player Wellbeing at Arsenal

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta addressed the media in a press conference ahead of the team's upcoming Premier League match against Sheffield United. During the conference, Arteta shared updates on Gabriel Jesus' injury and emphasised the club's responsibility for player welfare.

Brazil striker Gabriel Jesus, who sustained an injury during Arsenal's recent match against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, was a focal point of Arteta's discussion. The Spaniard revealed the results of a scan on Jesus, stating: "The scan showed there is a muscle injury. We might lose him for a few weeks.

"With Gabi, I cannot give you any timeframe because he always surprises us." Arteta's concerns for Jesus' injury were evident, as the Brazilian forward plays a crucial role in Arsenal's attacking lineup.

However, Arteta also used this opportunity to shed light on the broader issue of player welfare and the club's responsibility in this regard. He highlighted the dedication of the club in supporting players with various aspects of their lives. "Everybody in our organization tries to help players with anything they need in their lives," Arteta emphasised.

"We have a huge responsibility to educate them and give them advice if they need it. It’s about welfare. Especially players from abroad who don’t have family and friends here, we have to make sure they take the right path and have the right life to suit their age."

Mikel Arteta's words underscored the holistic approach Arsenal takes in managing its players' well-being, from physical fitness to personal development. as the Gunners prepare for their match against Sheffield United.

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