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Eden Hazard's Retirement: Following His Heart, Not the Money Trail

Eden Hazard recently revealed the straightforward reasons behind his decision to retire from professional football. The 32-year-old emphasised that his choice wasn't driven by financial motives but rather by his waning enjoyment of the game.

Hazard, who parted ways with La Liga giants Real Madrid earlier than planned this summer, shared his perspective after participating in a charity match in Calais, where he scored a goal and assisted three others while having a blast alongside football greats like Robert Pires and Didier Deschamps.

As he reflected on his decision while speaking to L'Avenir, Hazard explained: "I had always said that I would stop as soon as I didn't have fun on the pitch anymore. I didn't want to go and play somewhere for the money." His choice was influenced by a declining enjoyment of training and a lack of playing time, making the decision relatively straightforward.

Hazard also added a touch of wisdom, saying: "In life, you can't explain everything. I am at peace with myself. I'm happy. I have so many things to do outside of football that I was able to make a serene choice."

Despite his early departure from Real Madrid, Hazard expressed gratitude toward the La Liga club, acknowledging the exceptional people he met and the moments of fulfilment he experienced during his time with Los Blancos.

Hazard said they were 'amazing' people and I 'tasted the dream' at Los Blancos.

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