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England star Sterling is hungry for more success with Manchester City.

  • Sterling admits he has improved his mental side of the game.

  • It remains to be seen whether English football can resume amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Sterling is 15 goals short of his target for season. [Getty]
Sterling is 15 goals short of his target for season. [Getty]

"I'd say probably about 15 goals off where I want to be." Those were the words of Manchester City ace Raheem Sterling. England superstar Sterling believes he should have scored 15 goals more before the COVID-19 pandemic brought football to a halt. The City forward, who has found the net 20 times in all competitions so far, has admitted he is eager to step up his game when football resumes, adding that Pep Guardiola's Citizens, who are 25 points behind Premier League leaders Liverpool, 'still got another level to go'. Asked about where his game is, the 25-year-old, who joined City from Liverpool five years, ago told BBC Radio 5 Live: "I'd say probably about 15 goals off where I want to be, so those are the targets: to try to create good numbers, but not just numbers to have numbers. "At the end of the day you want to have trophies to back up that season because 10 years from now, you can score a lot of goals, but if I can't look back at those goals being important for my team and having a great value then those goals were pointless." The Citizens have already won the EFL Cup this season and are still hoping to win the FA Cup. However, Sterling says he is pleased that he has a medal to show when the campaign eventually comes to an end.

"It's one of those - [you want] to try to contribute as much as I can but at the end of the season have medals to show for it," he said. "We've still got another level to go. "In my time at City, the most important thing I've learned is the value of winning. Before, if I won a game it was good, but if I lost a game you're disappointed but it doesn't burn you as much. "But if we lose one game in 15 at Manchester City you wouldn't like to be in the dressing room - it's like the worst thing in the world's happened. "That's the biggest thing I've learned since I've been there and it's something that I definitely carry with me, not just in football but in anything I do - that winning mentality. "That's the number one thing I've taken from him [Pep Guardiola]."

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