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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp: We lacked concentration against Arsenal.`

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

The Premier League champions were beaten 2-1 in North London.

Klopp bemoans Liverpool's concentration in their 2-1 loss to Arsenal on Wednesday night.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was not pleased with his Reds’ concentration in their 2-1 loss to Arsenal on Wednesday night.

Sadio Mane opened the scoring at the Emirates stadium in the 20th minute before mistakes from defender Virgil van Dijk and Goalkeeper Alison Becker led to the home side responding with goals from Alexandre Lacazette and Reis Nelson.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the defeat, the German said: "Twice, a massive lack of concentration, we took a break after 1-0, especially in the first half before the goal, we were just brilliant, we had 24-3 shots, that's incredible but these two moments killed the game for us.

"Arsenal had no real chances, another shot in the last second, you cannot win football games when you concede goals like this.

"We took a break, that's clear, lost concentration, it's the Premier League and you cannot do that. Virgil van Dijk lost the ball but I didn't see a lot of offers. Nobody wanted the ball. It makes no sense.

"We have to learn from that 100%, and we will. I am not sure we never did it all season, we had sloppy moments, once, twice, maybe three times but tonight we got punished from it. It's good on one side because we have to learn from it. 

"We were constantly dominant. It was a good game. Arsenal, they were there in two situations, I am not sure they forced them but they were there and they used them."

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