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Man United defender Maguire: "We have got to be more clinical"

*MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM* Harry Maguire, Manchester United's stalwart defender, shared his thoughts after a thrilling match on Tuesday night that saw his second-half header secure a narrow win over F. C Copenhagen. Maguire stressed the importance of clinical finishing, praised the massive save by Andre Onana, and dedicated the victory to the memory of the late Sir Bobby Charlton.

Maguire began by describing the win as "incredible." He highlighted the need for improved clinicality, especially given the numerous counter-attacks that Manchester United had during the game. "We have got to be more clinical; we had numerous counter-attacks and we didn't give them a chance in the second half," Maguire noted.

Reflecting on the match, Maguire acknowledged that the first half was far from perfect. He recognized the importance of the victory, stating, "The first half was really poor, it was not perfect, but an important win."

The win held deeper significance for Maguire and the team as they dedicated it to the memory of Sir Bobby Charlton. Maguire firmly believed it was meant to be, considering the magnificent save by Andre Onana. "Definitely, it was meant to be. We were meant to win the game, a magnificent save, and a win dedicated to Sir Bobby and his family," he said.

The passing of Sir Bobby Charlton had a profound impact on the club and the dressing room. Maguire acknowledged the challenges the team faced in the past week, including the loss of a football legend and the demands of the match against Sheffield United. He expressed his satisfaction at securing the win, stating, "It has been a tough week for us away at Sheffield United and losing someone like Sir Bobby; it affects the club and the dressing room. But I am really pleased we could get the win tonight."

Maguire was also touched by the fans' support and their chants in honour of Sir Bobby Charlton. "It is amazing," he said, reflecting on the fans' dedication. Despite any on-field challenges, Maguire expressed his pride in his actions over the past six to twelve months and his commitment to helping the team restore Manchester United to its rightful place. "I have been given an opportunity, and I want to help the team and get the club back to where it should be," he affirmed.

Harry Maguire's heroic header and the emotional dedication to Sir Bobby Charlton exemplified the spirit and determination of the Manchester United squad. They continue to pursue success while honouring the legacy of their club's legends.

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