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Manchester United's Andre Onana Reflects on Defeat: "Mistakes Are Part of the Game

Manchester United's goalkeeper, Andre Onana, expressed his disappointment after his team's 2-0 loss to Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday.

Speaking to Sky Sports in a post-match interview, Onana emphasised that despite the scoreline, he did not believe Tottenham were better than Erik ten Hag’s side.

"No, I don't think that they were better than us," Onana said. "We made some mistakes second half, but football is not always about one half. We started the game really well, we created chances. Unfortunately, we didn't score, and I think this was the key point. If we had scored in the first half, it would have been a different game for sure."

The Man United shotstopper admitted that their inability to convert their chances was a significant factor in the outcome of the match. "Yes. Football is about scoring goals," Onana stated. "We had some big chances and we didn't score, and in the end, you pay for that."

Looking ahead, Onana conveyed optimism about the team's prospects for the rest of the season. "We have to keep calm, keep working and if we keep going how we are, in the end of the season, it will be ok," he said.

Reflecting on the second half, Onana acknowledged the team's mistakes and the cost of those errors against a strong opponent like Tottenham. "I think we made some mistakes and against a great opponent, you pay. I also think in the first half we were better [than Tottenham] and could have decided the game," he commented.

Taking responsibility for the team's performance, Onana emphasised the importance of learning from mistakes and staying positive. "We are together in this. We are at a big club and we need to take responsibility," he affirmed. "I start by looking at myself and I think that in the next game we can be better."

Onana also opened up about the specific mistakes made during the match. "For myself, I think some of the communication with my defenders," he admitted. "Licha [Martinez] scored the own goal, we all know how good he is. Every goal [we conceded], I look at myself, my defenders, whether we can do something more. But mistakes are part of the game; we just have to learn from it and look forward. I'm very positive. We have to stay calm, believe, and keep pushing the way we work. I know we will do it."

As Manchester United continues their 2023-24 campaign, Onana's words reflect a determined team ready to learn from their mistakes and bounce back stronger in the upcoming matches.

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