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Merson predicts "plenty of goals" in the North London derby.

Arteta told to play a strong side [Getty]
Arteta told to play a strong side [Getty]

Paul Merson: "No excuses" for Arsenal and Tottenham in the North London derby clash.

Former Arsenal attacking midfielder Paul Merson has predicted plenty of goals to be scored in the North London derby on Sunday.

Both sides have one leg in the Europa League quarter final after their last-16 first leg wins on Thursday, with the Gunners beating Olympiacos 3-1 and Spurs sealing a 2-0 win over Dinamo Zagreb.

Despite playing on Thursday, football pundit Merson says the Gunners and Tottenham have "no excuses" not to play a very strong side for the match at the Emirates.

While speaking on Sky Sports, Merson said: "I think because both teams won comfortably in midweek, 3-1 Arsenal and 2-0 Tottenham, I think this is game on. I really think this is game on now.

"I was a bit worried, I thought if Arsenal ended up drawing away or Tottenham drew I think they would have weakened their teams. There's no excuse [now], no excuse. Both teams, surely, are through to the next round of the Europa.

"To the older fan, my age and older, this is still the biggest game. For the younger [fan], I don't know, I ain't sure. But I hope both teams play their strongest teams knowing that they're through in the Europa and get a game on.

"The one thing about this game, we talk about red Sunday and red Monday when Liverpool play Man United, and the game sort of drifts away and they cancel each other out. This game never lets you down. There's always action. There are always goals.

"I hope I haven't got this wrong but I expect there to be plenty of goals in this game. I think both teams going forward at the moment are very, very good."

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