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Nedum Onuoha Praises Rodrigo's Outstanding Display in Champions League Victory

Ex-Man City Defender Nedum Onuoha Lauds Spanish Midfield Ace Rodrigo

In a thrilling 3-1 victory over Young Boys in the UEFA Champions League, Manchester City's Rodrigo shone brilliantly on the field, earning high praise from former City player Nedum Onuoha.

Onuoha, known for his keen analysis and insightful commentary, was effusive in his admiration for Rodrigo's performance. He remarked as quoted “There were so many good performances, not least Rodri,” highlighting the Spanish midfielder's pivotal role in the match.

Rodrigo's mastery of the game was evident as he showcased his exceptional abilities. Onuoha was particularly impressed with his ability to control the tempo of the game, effectively determining when to speed up or slow down the pace. This level of control is a testament to Rodrigo's football intelligence and composure under pressure.

The match also saw Rodrigo at the heart of a critical moment when he was fouled in the penalty area, leading to a penalty kick awarded to Erling Haaland. His ability to draw fouls and create opportunities for the Cityzens reflects his versatility and influence on the game.

The 36-year-old continued: “He’s so good at football. He’s so good at football. The way he can control the tempo as and when he needs to. He was also the one who was fouled for the Haaland penalty. So at times, he can be higher.”

Beyond his role in controlling the tempo, Rodrigo also demonstrated his capacity to connect the game from deeper positions. His precise passing and ability to link up play contribute significantly to Manchester City's fluid style of football.

“He can also connect the game from deeper,” said Onuoha. “He can link up the game. He can change the tempo. He leads people on, he doesn’t just pass to their feet, he plays them into space.”

In the eyes of Nedum Onuoha, Rodrigo stands as one of the finest players to have ever donned the Manchester City shirt.

“He’s one of the best players I’ve ever seen wearing a Manchester City shirt. Today was another example of that,” the ex-defender concluded.

Rodrigo's consistent excellence continues to leave a lasting impact on the footballing world, as he plays a pivotal role in Manchester City's pursuit of success in both domestic and international competitions this season following last season's treble success.

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