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Noni Madueke Takes Inspiration from Salah and Mbappe to Elevate His Game

Noni Madueke is diligently studying the styles of two football luminaries, Mohamed Salah and Kylian Mbappe, with a clear objective in mind: simplifying his game to secure a coveted place in Chelsea's first team.

Recently, Madueke exhibited his prowess on the pitch by notching a brace for England's Under-21 side during their commanding 9-1 victory over Serbia. Nevertheless, despite his commendable performance, he has yet to secure a starting spot in the Premier League under the managerial guidance of Mauricio Pochettino.

In his relentless pursuit of excellence, Madueke has partnered with James Ryder, a performance analyst affiliated with the Football Association (FA). Together, they are meticulously refining Madueke's abilities in the attacking third of the pitch, reports Mail Sport.

Madueke elaborates on this facet of his game development, explaining, "One thing I've got to add to my game is the easier goals, the one-touch goals - that's what I'm trying to improve. I work very hard on the last bit. I know I go at such pace, so sometimes I've got to calm down at the last moment, take a breath and then slot it away."

One of the notable techniques that Madueke is incorporating into his game, inspired by Salah and Mbappe, is their proficiency in scoring simpler, one-touch goals. By analysing their gameplay closely, he is deciphering the secrets to their success. Madueke elucidates, "Our analyst has clipped up Mbappe and Salah, so I watch them a lot. It's the way they always follow their pass into the box, or when a team-mate is in the box, they're always there to anticipate."

For the young English forward, this emphasis on honing his ability to score one-touch goals is an essential step towards increasing his impact on the field and potentially earning a regular place in Chelsea's starting lineup.

As a player who possesses exceptional pace, Madueke acknowledges that finding that crucial balance between blistering speed and precise control in the final moments is the key to becoming a more prolific and versatile forward. In football, moments of brilliance often arise from the most efficient and straightforward movements, which is a principle that both Salah and Mbappe have mastered.

The decision to focus on these one-touch goals stems from a deep understanding of the importance of simplicity in the game. Madueke recognises that when the opportunity presents itself, being able to react swiftly and instinctively can be the difference between a missed chance and a goal scored. By observing how Salah and Mbappe consistently position themselves to anticipate plays and make crucial, yet simple, finishes, he aims to enhance his own understanding of these decisive moments.

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