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Odegaard's Leadership: Arsenal's Key to Champions League Glory, Says Arteta

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Arteta Hails Captain Martin Odegaard Ahead of Arsenal's Champions League Return

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal's esteemed manager, has sung the praises of Martin Odegaard as the Gunners gear up for their eagerly awaited Champions League group stage clash with PSV Eindhoven.

In what marks Arsenal's return to Europe's premier competition since their 2017 encounter with Bayern Munich, Arteta is keenly aware of the significance of this moment. The Basque boss, reflecting on the team's journey, recognises the pivotal role played by captain Odegaard in their resurgence.

Arteta remarked as quoted: "He [Odegaard] is our captain, a really important player for us. He is a player who has developed and evolved, he has been instrumental in building the culture we wanted. The level he has performed at has been very consistent."

As Arsenal set their sights on the Champions League, Arteta emphasises: "This club has to be in the Champions League. It was a process but we are here and now we have to make the most out of it. It is always a learning process. I think we did and we have improved as a team, we have improved the squad and we deserve to be here."

With Martin Odegaard leading the way, Arsenal fans eagerly anticipate what the Champions League campaign has in store for them, however, the Gunners know the stage is set, and the world watches with bated breath to see if Odegaard's leadership under Arteta will guide Arsenal to new heights of European glory.

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