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Retirement is a possibility for West Ham defender Zabaleta.

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Reports suggest Premier League teams could return to training in the coming weeks and matches will be played behind closed doors from mid-June.

Zabaleta’s deal with east London club West Ham ends this summer [Getty]
Zabaleta’s deal with east London club West Ham ends this summer [Getty]

Former Manchester City star Zabaleta questions his desire to continue playing football amid the COVID-19 chaos. West Ham right-back Pablo Zabaleta says he could end his football career this year with the uncertainty the coronavirus pandemic has created. The ex-Man City and Argentina international has a contract with the Hammers until the end of the 2019-20 Premier League campaign, which is supposed to resume behind closed doors in June according to reports. Zabaleta, 35, was thinking of securing a move to the Serie A this summer before hanging up his boots next year, but he has now admitted the coronavirus pandemic might make him reconsider his plan. When he was quizzed about what the future holds if the Premier League does not return, the Argentine La Nacion: "I think about it every day. I wake up thinking, 'Is this what awaits me after retirement?'

More: Chelsea receive boost in their pursuit of Andre Onana and Federico Chiesa. "Now, somehow, we'll go back to training and we will see. But it's all still uncertain. "I had even come to think, at the end of this season, to give myself the joy of playing one more season in another league, perhaps in Italy, but now I don't know. "The chances are you won't play in front of a crowd, so what motivation could I have left? Why go to Italy if mythical stadiums like the Olimpico in Rome or San Siro will be closed?

"Now, let's wait to see how this season ends, and then, in the European summer, depending on how everything is rearranged, I'll see what I do. "But retirement is a possibility, yes. Maybe the coronavirus will make me anticipate the decision."

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