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Sofyan Amrabat Facts: A Tale of Tenacity and Triumph

Updated: Jan 12

Full Name: Sofyan Amrabat

Date of Birth: 21 August 1996

Place of Birth: Huizen, Netherlands

Height: 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)

Position(s): Defensive Midfielder

Current Club: Fiorentina [On Loan: Man Utd]

Sofyan Amrabat, the formidable Moroccan defensive midfielder, emerges as a luminary figure not only for his prowess on the football field but also for the compelling narrative that weaves through his life.

In this comprehensive exploration, we unravel the intriguing tapestry of Sofyan's journey – from his humble beginnings to the towering heights of the footballing world. Brace yourself for a riveting odyssey through the captivating life of "The King."

Childhood Chronicles

Born on the 21st of August 1996 in Huizen, Netherlands, Sofyan's journey commences in a simple Moroccan family. His father, Mohammed Amrabat, and a lesser-known mother welcomed Sofyan into a world that would shape him into the footballing stalwart he is today. Nicknamed "The King" in his childhood, the moniker would echo with significance as Sofyan ascended through the ranks.

In the close-knit neighbourhood of Huizen, Sofyan's childhood unfolded alongside his brother, Nordin Amrabat, a towering figure nine years his senior. Despite the age gap, the brothers shared an unbreakable bond, with Nordin assuming a pivotal role in shaping Sofyan's early years.

Football's Roots

The Amrabat brothers' story takes an early turn towards football as Nordin, having experienced the hardships of his footballing journey, became a mentor to Sofyan. The duo embarked on their footballing endeavours at HSV De Zuidvogels, a local club on the outskirts of Utrecht. Amid modest surroundings, the seeds of determination and resilience were sown in Sofyan's heart.

Family Struggles and Resilience

The Amrabat family's financial struggles etched an indelible mark on Sofyan's character. Hailing from a below-middle-class household, the pressure to support the family fell on Nordin's shoulders. Working part-time jobs, from washing dishes to making desserts, Nordin exemplified resilience and determination. These early lessons in hardship and perseverance laid the foundation for Sofyan's unyielding spirit on and off the field.

Educational Pursuits

While specifics about Sofyan's schooling remain elusive, the Amrabat family valued education. Nordin, demonstrating a commitment to academic pursuits, had plans to study Economics, Management, and Law. This emphasis on education as a cornerstone of their lives showcases the holistic approach that the Amrabat family embraced.

Rise Through Academies

Sofyan's talent didn't go unnoticed, and in 2006, he underwent a trial test with Utrecht Club, a more competitive academy. Excelling in the trials, Sofyan joined Utrecht and embarked on a journey that would shape his professional career. The amalgamation of raw talent and strategic guidance marked the inception of Sofyan's ascent in the footballing echelons.

Feyenoord Beckons

In the 2016/2017 season, Sofyan's stellar performances with Utrecht attracted the attention of Dutch giants Feyenoord, a momentous leap for the young midfielder. This transition marked a turning point in Sofyan's career as he stepped into the echelons of professional football, donning the Feyenoord jersey with pride. In August 2018, he commenced a four-year tenure with the Belgian team Club Brugge, securing a contract while Feyenoord acquired €2.5 million. Subsequently, he embarked on a one-year loan spell with the Italian club Hellas Verona in August 2019.


Amrabat made his debut for Fiorentina in a 4–3 loss to Inter Milan on 26 September 2020. He started and played every minute of Fiorentina's 2–1 defeat to West Ham United in the 2023 UEFA Europa Conference League final.

Manchester United

Amrabat, on loan from Fiorentina, joined Manchester United on 1 September 2023 until the end of the 2023–24 season. United paid Fiorentina an £8.5 million loan fee, with a £21.4 million option to buy. He debuted on 23 September, coming off the bench in the 89th minute in a 1–0 away win over Burnley. Three days later, he made his first start in a 3–0 home victory over Crystal Palace in the EFL Cup's third round, playing 60 minutes.

Brotherly Bonds

Nordin's influence on Sofyan's journey transcended the football field. Beyond being a role model, Nordin's sacrifices and struggles instilled a deep sense of familial responsibility in Sofyan. This brotherly bond, forged in the crucible of shared dreams and challenges, fueled Sofyan's determination to make his mark in the football arena.

Roots in Morocco

Sofyan's family roots trace back to Morocco, adding a layer of cultural richness to his identity. The Amrabat family originated from the Moroccan region of Lassara, and their familial ties remain embedded in the tapestry of Moroccan heritage. This duality of being Dutch-Moroccan reflects Sofyan's multicultural identity.

Footballing Major Honours & Achievements

Sofyan's trajectory through Utrecht and Feyenoord paved the way for a series of triumphs. Feyenoord, a club renowned for its rich footballing history, provided Sofyan with a platform to showcase his mettle. His performances culminated in a significant €4 million move to Feyenoord, marking a milestone in Sofyan's professional journey.

Achievements in Club Competitions:


- KNVB Cup: 2017–18

- Johan Cruyff Shield: 2017, 2018

Club Brugge

- Belgian Pro League: 2019–20


- Coppa Italia runner-up: 2022–23

- UEFA Europa Conference League runner-up: 2022–23

Individual Honors

- Eredivisie Player of the Month: November 2017

- Hellas Verona Player of the Season: 2019–20

- Gazzetta dello Sport Best African Player in Serie A: 2020

- IFFHS Africa Team of The Year: 2022

- CAF Team of the Year: 2023

- Order of the Throne: 2022

Global Stage – 2018 FIFA World Cup

The global stage beckoned as Sofyan represented Morocco in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The tournament, fraught with emotions and intensity, held personal significance for Sofyan and his family. The spectre of an incident that transpired during the World Cup fueled a fire within the Amrabat brothers, creating a narrative that would unfold in subsequent years.

The Spanish Vengeance – 2022 FIFA World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar became the crucible for Sofyan's resilience and determination. Faced with Spain, a formidable adversary, Sofyan, despite a back injury, epitomised the indomitable spirit of the Atlas Lions. The revenge against Spain orchestrated through a penalty shootout victory, encapsulated Sofyan's journey from the heartbreak of 2018 to the triumph of 2022.

Loyalty and Tributes

Sofyan's choice of jersey number, 34, is steeped in loyalty and poignant tributes. The number pays homage to Abdelhak Nuri, a fellow footballer with Arab origins.

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