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Spurs boss Postecoglou Affirms Kane's Decision as Bayern Munich Move Nears

Ange Postecoglou, the manager of Tottenham, has revealed that Harry Kane's decision to move to Bayern Munich was already firm, as the Lilywhites finalise a £100 million agreement with the Bavarian club for the English striker.

The England captain is poised to undergo a medical examination at the Allianz Arena following pivotal late-night discussions with the Bundesliga champions, dispelling concerns of a stalled deal.

Speaking during a press briefing prior to Spurs' inaugural match of the 2023/24 Premier League season against Brentford on Sunday, head coach Postecoglou remarked: "I didn't see the point in that [trying to convince Harry Kane to stay], whatever I was going to say was going to be irrelevant.

"My feeling was that we'll get to know each other and that would be the best way to navigate the early relationship.

"Having said that, in my mind, I thought he'd already decided to go after the first conversation. I tried to treat him with the respect his standing deserves.

"I don't get frustrated by these things. I've been involved in the negotiations side but it's never a simple process. Harry Kane is one of the greats of this football club and there must have been some torment inside.

"While it would have been great to have it sorted earlier I always thought it was going to be borderline. The one thing I was clear on was going into the first game with stuff undecided. It has happened, hopefully, we'll have confirmation over the next couple of hours.

"I don't need assurances. Nothing has changed from when I started. We've had a clear idea about bringing in players to bolster the squad in the right areas. Moving players out is still a big part of what we need to do so we'll see how that unfolds."

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