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The Best 10 Real Madrid Left-Backs in History

Updated: May 3

The Best 10 Real Madrid Left-Backs in History
The Best 10 Real Madrid Left-Backs in History

Real Madrid's legacy began as a beacon of football excellence, where the spirit of inclusivity and passion for the game shaped its identity from the outset. This rich heritage serves as the backdrop for the exceptional left-backs who have graced the club's history with their unparalleled talent and unwavering dedication.

Their contributions adorned the famous white jersey and etched their names into football history. As we delve into the illustrious lineage of Real Madrid's left-backs, their impact resonates as a testament to the club's enduring pursuit of greatness.

Here Are The Greatest Real Madrid Left-Backs in History

Bonus i - Paul Breitner

Paul Breitner's time at Real Madrid spanned from 1974 to 1977 and was marked by significant achievements. Joining after the 1974 FIFA World Cup, where he scored in the final, Breitner played a vital role in the team's success. During his tenure, Real Madrid clinched three La Liga titles and two Spanish cups. Despite his brief stint, Breitner left a lasting impact, showcasing his versatility and contributing to the club's triumphs on domestic and international fronts.

10. Mikel Lasa

Mikel Lasa, a product of Real Sociedad's youth academy, made his mark in La Liga at a young age under John Toshack's guidance. In 1991, he made a significant move to Real Madrid, seen as a successor to Rafael Gordillo. Despite initial struggles, Lasa became a key player, notably scoring in the 1993 Copa del Rey final. His tenure with the Whites saw successes including two La Liga titles and a Copa del Rey triumph. Subsequently, he joined Athletic Bilbao, contributing to their runner-up finish in 1997-98.

9. Solana

Jesús Ángel Solana Bermejo spent six seasons at Real Madrid, playing regularly and contributing to their five consecutive La Liga titles from 1985 to 1990. As a versatile defender, he played in left-back and central defensive positions, showcasing his adaptability and consistency during his time with the club.

8. Manolo Sanchís

Manuel Sanchiz Martinez hailed as a pioneer of attacking-minded defenders, transitioned from an attacking role to excelling in defensive positions at the Santiago Bernabeu, becoming integral to the 'Yeyé' Madrid era. Originating from Valencia, he initially joined Barcelona's Under-19 team before finding success at Real Valladolid. Signed by Real Madrid in 1964, Sanchís contributed to their dominance in the mid-60s, winning four La Liga titles [in five years] and the 1966 European Cup.

7. Rafael Gordillo

Rafael Gordillo Vázquez enjoyed a distinguished football career as a dynamic left wing-back. He began with Real Betis, winning the Copa del Rey in his debut season. Moving to Real Madrid in 1985 at age 28, Gordillo played a crucial role in their successes, winning titles including the UEFA Cup and five consecutive La Liga championships. Internationally, he earned 75 caps for Spain, featuring in multiple World Cups and European Championships, earning him widespread acclaim and a revered status among Real Madrid faithful.

6. Vicente Miera

Vicente Miera's tenure at Madrid marked an era of defensive stability and resilience, characterised by his arrival from Racing Santander during a transitional period for the club. Despite the fierce competition for defensive positions, Miera held his ground for eight seasons. His time at Los Blancos saw the culmination of his career as a right back, earning numerous titles and establishing a commendable legacy. Following his retirement, Miera ventured into coaching, achieving notable success, including guiding the Spanish Olympic team to a historic gold medal at the Barcelona Games in 1992, a moment cherished in Spanish football history.

5. Pachín

Pachin, a versatile defender known for his strength, had a trophy-laden career at Real Madrid from 1959 to 1968. He played an important role in the team's transition, also contributing to their success in winning five European Cup titles and seven La Liga championships. Despite tempting offers from several elite clubs, he remained loyal to Real Madrid, considering it the pinnacle of a footballer's career. After retiring, he pursued coaching in Spain, leaving a legacy of success and loyalty.

4. José Antonio Camacho

José Antonio Camacho, an outstanding left-back from Cieza, Spain, had a stellar career at Real from 1973 to 1989. Renowned for his top-class defending and leadership, he earned the title of the team's 'Great Captain'. Despite a serious knee injury in 1978, Camacho's determination led to over ten trophies with Real Madrid, playing 577 official matches and earning 81 caps for Spain. After retiring, he continued as a coach for Real Madrid's youth teams, serving as an assistant coach, and later managing various clubs and national teams, including Spain.

3. Rafael Lesmes

A trailblazer and a pioneer in the left-back position between 1952 and 1959, Rafael Lesmes captivated audiences with his elegant style of play and impeccable defensive technique as he amassed 221 official matches for Los Blancos. After signing for the Whites, he became the cornerstone of the legendary Real Madrid team that won five European trophies on the bounce, establishing the club as a dominant force in football. He also won La Liga in the 1953–54, 1954–55, 1956–57, and 1957–58 seasons.

2. Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos securing the second spot will raise eyebrows and stir up debate among football enthusiasts. Winning over 10 titles with Los Blancos, including three prestigious European Cup triumphs, Roberto Carlos' role at the club was pivotal. His staggering record of 527 games played and 68 goals scored is a testament to his enduring impact on the pitch. Renowned for his lightning speed and powerful strikes, Roberto Carlos transcended the realms of footballing ability.

Throughout 11 seasons, he became synonymous with success, winning several major trophies. Even after bidding farewell to Madrid in 2007, he left behind an enduring legacy as one of the greatest left-backs ever to grace the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, holding the club's all-time record for most games a foreigner played.

1. Marcelo Vieira

Marcelo Vieira, hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil left an everlasting mark on Real Madrid during his 16-season spell. With 546 appearances, he became the club's second-highest foreign appearance maker.

Marcelo's contribution to Real Madrid's success is monumental, captaining the side to their Decimocuarta triumph and securing a record 25 trophies, including five Champions League titles and six La Liga titles, making him the Whites' most decorated player in history. His attacking prowess was top-notch, leading him to score 38 goals for the club, including a memorable strike in the Décima final in Lisbon.

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