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Arsenal Celebrate Remarkable 2-1 Victory Over Sevilla: Arteta Praises Gunners

Arsenal Triumphs Over Sevilla in Impressive 2-1 Victory

*Seville, Spain* Arsenal's manager, Mikel Arteta, expressed his delight after the Gunners secured a remarkable 2-1 win over Sevilla on Spanish turf. Arteta's praise was directed toward his team's impressive performance, the need for big players to create magic moments, and the learning experiences gained in this challenging encounter.

Reflecting on the victory, Arteta highlighted the significance of Arsenal's triumph at a venue that has seen few visiting teams emerge victorious in European competition over the last decade. "I'm very happy to win here. Not many teams have won here in the last ten years in Europe, and we've done it," Arteta proudly stated.

The manager particularly commended Arsenal's performance in the first 60-65 minutes, emphasising their ability to execute their game plan. "Especially the first 60, 65 minutes because we played the game we wanted. After we went two-nil up, we should have scored a third one, and we had openings to score it, and we didn't," Arteta noted.

Sevilla, however, made a spirited comeback after conceding two goals, demonstrating their experience and resilience. Arteta acknowledged their tenacity, saying, "In one corner, the first action where they had something they scored, and from there, they have experience, they have a lot of people and a lot of belief they can get in the game."

Arteta also lauded the importance of big players in key moments. "You need magic moments in these games, and you need the big players to step in and create those moments."

However, there was a concern about Gabriel Jesus, who had to be substituted. Arteta explained, "He felt something in his hamstring so let's see. He straight away asked to be subbed, which is not good news because he's not a player who does that at all. So we'll have to wait and see in the next few days."

Arteta concluded by emphasising the learning process and the growth of the team. "It's about experiences and learning from those experiences, and when you lose, you learn much more than when you win. It was a very different team that we were playing against Lens; we had moments where we were dominant," he said.

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