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Erik ten Hag Analysed Manchester United's Loss and Laid Emphasised On Scoring.

Manchester United's manager, Erik ten Hag, offered his insights after his team's 2-0 loss to Ange Postecoglou's Tottenham. The Dutchman's candid assessment provided a detailed perspective on the match in North London and the team's strategy moving forward.

Ten Hag also acknowledged the positives, particularly the team's impressive performance in the first half. "You make a face, you don't like the first half? I like the first half, it was a very good performance from Manchester United in the first half, except, we have to score," Ten Hag stated, underlining the missed scoring opportunities.

The manager highlighted the team's proactive approach, noting, "We created good chances, we had a really good press on the ball, we let them run, we had many good switches, we had many good chances to score a goal, and we deserved a penalty." He expressed bewilderment over a denied penalty call, asserting, "Absolutely a penalty. He changes the direction of the ball and his hand is blocking high above. But OK, you have to accept it."

Despite these positives, Ten Hag admitted that the team faced challenges, including three early bookings and lapses in concentration. He observed, "We quickly got three bookings, we had to stay focused, this can't happen, they were unnecessary bookings. And then we switched off. In one attack they had two big chances, they twice hit the post."

On the second half's lacklustre beginning and the significance of conceding the first goal, he said: "The start of the second half was not good, it was totally unnecessary to concede the first goal, and from that moment on, it's the meaning of the first goal. But, we didn't collapse, but we didn't score."

"You have to keep composed and keep going. We have to keep working the ball instead of going to rush. When the opponent goes deeper you have to keep working the ball and then you can go more direct.

"I thought the midfield was good. But of course, you can always do better, but we go for goal and of course, you leave gaps. But that had nothing to do with the midfielders, that was more to do with our best defence."

The manager addressed concerns about scoring and highlighted the recent signing of a striker. "I am not concerned with our attacking play but I am by our scoring. We know this, that is why we've signed a striker," Ten Hag confirmed, pointing to a strategic move to address scoring challenges.

In conclusion, Ten Hag acknowledged the disappointment of losing while emphasizing the need for self-reflection and improved scoring. "When you lose it's never good. You always have to look in the mirror and yes we have to score. We have to make the goal and quieten the crowd and opponent," he asserted, underscoring the significance of goal-scoring efficacy.

Clarifying the intent behind new signings, Ten Hag stated, "It's not about adding to the team. It's about, we have to score goals," emphasizing the team's commitment to overcoming their scoring struggles.

Ten Hag's comprehensive analysis provides a glimpse into Manchester United's current stance and their resolve to tackle challenges head-on in their pursuit of success.

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