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Noni Madueke - "Silverware is so important to Chelsea."

Noni Madueke Aims to Elevate Chelsea's Success in Transformational 2023-24 Season

In a season of transformation at Stamford Bridge, Noni Madueke is eager to make his mark and be a pivotal part of Chelsea FC's quest for success. Madueke's sentiments reflect his understanding of the club's DNA and the high expectations placed upon its players.

As quoted on, Madueke highlighted, "You know the blueprint of the club. If they have recruited you to come and join the project, it says something about your ability. That’s good to know in the back of your mind."

However, the young talent also recognises that talent alone is not enough. He underlines the importance of forging a cohesive and victorious team, emphasising that winning silverware is a paramount goal for Chelsea this season.

"But it’s not just about recruiting talented players. It’s about making a winning team, and that is the next step we have to take this season. Silverware is so important to Chelsea and that is the direction we have to head in for sure.

He added: "If you look at the squad we have, the depth, we would be doing ourselves a disservice if we thought we couldn’t be right up there."

The England Under-21 star Madueke also revealed that he is enjoying working with the new head coach Mauricio Pochettino, who is known for improving young talented players.

"He’s tough with me, but I probably need that," Noni said. "He’s transparent as well which is really important, to know where you stand and what he expects from you. He knows when to be really tough with me and when to put an arm around me. I can’t fault him.

"He’s a really good man manager. He’s created a culture where we are brothers off the pitch. It helps we have a young squad so we are with each other a lot anyway. We are lucky to have him."

Madueke's optimism shines through as he assesses the squad's depth and potential, affirming that underestimating their capabilities would be a disservice to themselves. With the rich history and ambitions of Chelsea, the pursuit of success remains a driving force for players like Madueke in the ongoing season.

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