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The Greatest Liverpool Forwards in History

Updated: Apr 30

The Greatest Liverpool Forwards in History
The Greatest Liverpool Forwards in History

Embark on a journey through time, exploring the legacy of the most formidable forwards who have graced the hallowed grounds of Anfield. From prolific goal-scorers to iconic figures, discover the greatness that defines these top players.

Liverpool Football Club, steeped in illustrious history and rich tradition, has been home to some of the finest forwards the footballing world has ever witnessed. The club's attacking heritage is legendary, and over the years, Anfield has witnessed the magic of numerous goal-scorers, who have etched their names in the annals of football history.

Let's explore and celebrate the best Liverpool goalscorers of all time, delving into their remarkable careers, contributions, and lasting impact on the club.

1. Ian Rush: The Prolific Goal Machine

Ian Rush is synonymous with goal-scoring excellence at Liverpool. The Welsh striker enjoyed two distinct spells at the club, from 1980-1987 and 1988-1996. Rush's ability to find the back of the net with clinical precision is a defining characteristic of his career. Rush is Liverpool's all-time leading goal scorer, with an astounding 346 goals in 660 appearances. His partnership with Kenny Dalglish was legendary and helped Liverpool secure numerous titles, including the European Cup. Rush's work rate and ability to perform on the biggest stages made him an Anfield icon and Liverpool's best scorer of all time.

2. Roger Hunt: The Anfield Goal Machine

Roger Hunt, a key figure in Liverpool's history, was a forward with a prolific scoring record. His time at the club spanned from 1959 to 1969. Hunt's incredible goal-scoring instincts made him a fan favourite and a vital part of the team. Hunt played an instrumental role in Liverpool's First Division titles in 1964 and 1966, and he was a key figure during the club's golden era. His ability to convert chances and maintain consistency was integral to Liverpool's success. He netted 285 goals in 492 matches for Liverpool.

3. Gordon Hodgson: Anfield Hitman

Gordon Hodgson is celebrated as one of the club's all-time best forwards. His career at Anfield from 1925-1936 is encapsulated in the succinct statistics of 377 games played and an astonishing 241 goals scored, including an impressive tally of 233 goals in 358 league appearances. The harmony between games and goals underscores Hodgson's exceptional goal-scoring prowess and enduring impact on Liverpool's success. With each goal, he contributed to the team's triumphs and solidified his iconic status among the greats who have graced Anfield. Hodgson's extraordinary achievements, including the highest number of hat-tricks at Liverpool with 17, remain an enduring source of inspiration for Liverpool fans.

4. Mohamed Salah: The Egyptian King

Mohamed Salah, known as the "Egyptian King," continues to ignite Anfield with his goal-scoring brilliance. Since his move from Serie A's Roma to Liverpool in 2017, Salah has captivated fans worldwide with his extraordinary pace, dribbling finesse, and lethal finishing, earning the moniker of a global football sensation.

Consistently ranking among the Premier League's top goal-scorers, he has claimed the Golden Boot three times and is currently occupying the 10th spot in the Premier League's historical goal-scoring chart. He is also the fifth player in the Reds' history to have notched over 150 league goals. Salah's pivotal role in Liverpool's 2019 Champions League victory and his knack for scoring crucial goals have endeared him to supporters globally.

As his journey at Liverpool unfolds, Salah secures his legacy among the club's legendary forwards. Surprisingly, he takes the fourth spot on this list, boasting an impressive tally of 209 goals across various competitions for Liverpool FC. Salah's inclusion on this list is unquestionably well-deserved with 154 goals in the Premier League, 42 in the Champions League, and significant contributions in other competitions. He is also the first player in Liverpool's history to score more than 20 goals in seven consecutive seasons.

5. Kenny Dalglish: The King of Anfield

No list of Liverpool's greatest forwards would be complete without the mention of Kenny Dalglish. The "King of Anfield" graced Liverpool's front line during his playing career from 1977 to 1990. Dalglish's intelligent play, dribbling skills, and clinical finishing made him one of the most iconic forwards in the club's history. With Liverpool, Dalglish won six English league titles and three European Cups. He scored a total of 172 goals in 515 games. His incredible vision and ability to score and create goals set him apart. Dalglish also enjoyed a successful managerial stint with Liverpool, further cementing his status as a Liverpool legend.

6. Robbie Fowler: The Toxteth Terror

Robbie Fowler, known as the "Toxteth Terror," was a local lad who made a tremendous impact at Liverpool during the 1990s and early 2000s. His natural goal-scoring ability, quick wit, and confident finishing endeared him to Liverpool fans. Fowler's memorable seasons included the 1994-1995 campaign when he scored 28 league goals. In 369 matches, he scored 183 times for the Anfield club. His partnership with Steve McManaman was a joy to behold. Fowler remains one of Liverpool's all-time great forwards, with his goal-scoring feats etching his name in the club's history.

7. Michael Owen: The Boy Wonder

Michael Owen burst onto the scene as a teenager and quickly made a name for himself as one of England's most promising forwards. His pace, dribbling, and clinical finishing made him a sensation. Owen played for Liverpool from 1996 to 2004 and enjoyed several successful seasons. He scored 158 goals in 297 appearances for the club and was instrumental in the historic treble-winning season of 2000-2001. His performances earned him the Ballon d'Or in 2001, and he remains a celebrated figure in Liverpool's forward history.

8. Kevin Keegan: The Entertainer

Kevin Keegan, the "Entertainer," was a dynamic and charismatic forward who wore the Liverpool shirt from 1971 to 1977. Keegan's exuberance and attacking flair made him a beloved figure among Liverpool supporters. During his time at the club, Keegan helped Liverpool clinch three First Division titles and an FA Cup. His ability to electrify the Anfield crowd with his performances and his knack for crucial goals left a lasting impression. In 323 games, he scored 100 times.

9. Luis Suárez: The Uruguayan Magician

Luis Suárez, the "Uruguayan Magician," brought a touch of South American flair to Liverpool during his time at the club from 2011 to 2014. His extraordinary dribbling skills, creativity, and goal-scoring ability made him a fan favourite. Suárez's partnership with Steven Gerrard and Daniel Sturridge in the 2013-2014 season almost led Liverpool to a Premier League title. His incredible individual performances, which included numerous hat-tricks and unforgettable goals, are etched in Liverpool's history. In 133 games, he notched 82 goals.

10. Fernando Torres - El Nino

Fernando Torres, a prominent signing for Liverpool in 2007, made a lasting impact during his time at Anfield. In 142 games, the Spanish striker scored an impressive 81 goals, showcasing his exceptional goal-scoring abilities. Despite being plagued by persistent injuries, Torres became an integral part of Liverpool's attacking force, earning widespread admiration from fans.

Notably, in his first season, he became Liverpool's first player since Robbie Fowler in 1995–96 to score over 20 league goals. Additionally, Torres set a historic record as he became the fastest player in Liverpool's history to reach 50 league goals, achieved in December 2009 against Aston Villa.

Torres was often referred to as "El Niño," a nickname that translates to "The Kid" in Spanish. This moniker became widely associated with him throughout his career, symbolising his youthful exuberance and early success in football. While injuries posed challenges, Torres's contributions and goal-scoring milestones have left an enduring legacy in the annals of Liverpool's history, earning him a special place in the hearts of supporters.

Table: Ranking Liverpool's Best Legendary Forwards and Achievements



Years at Liverpool

Total Games

Total Goals


Ian Rush

1980-1987, 1988-96




Roger Hunt





Gordon Hodgson





Mohamed Salah





Kenny Dalglish





Robbie Fowler

1993-2001, 2006-07




Michael Owen





Kevin Keegan





Luis Suárez





Fernando Torres




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