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Top Premier League Goalscorers of All Time - Striking Gold

Updated: Apr 8

Premier League All-Time Top Goal-Scorers

The Premier League stands as a theatre of brilliance, where extraordinary talents have woven tales of mesmerising skills and breathtaking goals. As of [the 18th of January 2024], we embark on a journey through the echelons of the English top flight, uncovering the storied careers of those who have not only found the net but have left an indelible imprint on the very fabric of English football.

Explore The Illustrious Ranks of Top Premier League Goalscorers of All Time, Celebrating The Best Goal-scoring Prowess

1. Alan Shearer (260 goals, 64 Assists)

Leading the pack is the iconic Alan Shearer, a name synonymous with goal-scoring excellence. The English striker's remarkable tally of 260 goals, and 64 assists in 441 games remains unmatched, making him the undisputed top scorer in Premier League history. Shearer achieved this feat while donning the jerseys of Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United, leaving an enduring legacy that has stood the test of time.

2. Harry Kane (213 goals, 46 Assists)

Hot on Shearer's heels was England's contemporary goal-scoring sensation, Harry Kane, who is Spurs' all-time leading goalscorer. Renowned for his clinical finishing and versatility on the field, Kane consistently found the back of the net for Tottenham Hotspur, scoring 213 goals and registering 46 assists in 213 league games before departing for Bayern Munich in the summer of 2023. He is also the all-time leading scorer for England. For a deeper dive into Harry Kane's remarkable career, check out these Harry Kane Career Facts.

3. Wayne Rooney (208 goals, 103 Assists)

The illustrious career of Wayne Rooney saw him excel as both a scorer and a creator. Representing Everton and Manchester United, Rooney's goal-scoring exploits contributed significantly to his teams' successes. The English forward's knack for finding the net places him third on the all-time Premier League goalscorers list, with 208 goals and 103 assists in 491 English top-flight games. Notably, he also ranks high among the best forwards in Manchester United's storied history, further solidifying his status as one of the club's all-time greats.

4. Andrew Cole (187 goals, 73 Assists)

A prolific striker during the 1990s, Andrew Cole made a name for himself with his goal-scoring prowess for Newcastle United and Manchester United. His lethal partnership with Dwight Yorke at Manchester United is etched in football history, and Cole's 187 Premier League goals and 73 assists solidify his place among the goalscoring greats.

5. Sergio Agüero (184 goals, 47 Assists)

The Argentine sharpshooter, Sergio Agüero, etched his name into Premier League folklore during his illustrious stint with Manchester City. Renowned for his agility, clinical finishing, and knack for scoring crucial goals, Agüero stands tall as one of the league's deadliest strikers, securing his place in the top five all-time goalscorers with 184 goals and 47 assists in 275 league matches. Additionally, he holds the esteemed position of being ranked number one among the Best Manchester City Strikers in History, a testament to his unparalleled contributions to the club.

6. Frank Lampard (177 goals, 102 Assists)

While midfielders are not often associated with prolific goal-scoring, Frank Lampard, who ranks at the top among Chelsea's best midfielders in history and holds the no.1 position in the Blues' all-time top goalscorers, defied convention. An integral part of Chelsea's success, Lampard's ability to score from midfield was unparalleled. His 177 Premier League goals and 102 assists in 609 games showcase a unique blend of skill, intelligence, and an innate goal-scoring instinct.

7. Thierry Henry (175 goals, 74 Assists)

The French maestro Thierry Henry graced the Premier League with elegance and finesse. A key figure in Arsenal's 'Invincibles' season, Henry's 175 goals and 74 assists in 258 matches underscore his status as one of the greatest forwards in the league's history. Additionally, he holds the coveted position of being number 1 in Arsenal's top goalscorers of all-time. Henry's flair, speed, and clinical finishing left an indelible mark on English football.

8. Robbie Fowler (163 goals, 39 Assists)

Robbie Fowler, nicknamed "The Toxteth Terror" and revered as "God" by Liverpool fans, etched his name in Premier League history through prolific goal-scoring for the Reds. Fowler's innate ability to find the net and predatory instincts in the penalty area earned him a spot among the league's top goal-scorers. He's number 6 in our greatest Liverpool forwards in history piece. Liverpool's all-time goalscorers list with 183 goals in all competitions. With a remarkable tally of 163 goals and 39 assists in 379 appearances, he stands as a legend of goal-scoring prowess for Liverpool in the Premier League.

9. Jermain Defoe (162 goals, 33 Assists)

Jermain Defoe's longevity and consistency in front of goal have made him a respected figure in English football. Representing various clubs, including West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur, and Sunderland, Defoe's impressive record boasts 162 Premier League goals and 33 assists across 496 matches. His enduring perseverance and lethal eye for goal have defined his remarkable career in the top tiers of English football.

10. Mohamed Salah (156 goals, 68 Assists)

The Egyptian sensation Mohamed Salah rounds off the top ten with his electrifying performances for Liverpool FC. Since joining the Reds from Serie A club Roma back in 2017, Salah has been a goal-scoring sensation, showcasing speed, skill, and a clinical edge in front of goal. As he continues to dazzle, Salah, who has notched 156 goals and registered 68 assists in 252 appearances, aims to climb even higher on the list of Premier League greats.

He joined an elite group in Premier League history, marking his name as only the fourth player to score and assist in 30 separate games. He follows in the footsteps of Wayne Rooney, who achieved it 36 times, Thierry Henry with 32, and Alan Shearer with 31.

In conclusion, these top ten Premier League goalscorers of all time have etched their names in football history, each contributing to the league's rich narrative in their unique ways. As the current generation of stars compete to make their mark, the legacy of these goal-scoring icons continues to inspire and shape the future of English football.

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