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11 Cody Gakpo Career Facts and Untold Childhood Chronicle.

Updated: Jun 24

Full Name: Cody Mathès Gakpo

Date of Birth: 7 May 1999

Place of Birth: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Height: 1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)

Position: Winger / Forward

Current Club: Liverpool

Jersey Number: 18

For a footballer who started honing his skills from childhood in the district of Stratum, Cody Gakpo's journey reflects a steadfast commitment even in the face of adversity and challenges.

He perseveres in pursuit of his dreams, embodying a spirit of tenacity. What do we all say when faced with obstacles and setbacks? It is this tenacity that defines him. However, the Dutchman has also seized opportunities that have shaped his unique career trajectory.

Here Are the Interesting Cody Gakpo Facts From Childhood You May Not Know

1. He is of A Mixed Heritage Through His Parents

Cody Gakpo is of mixed heritage, reflecting a rich cultural background. Gakpo's father, Johnny, was born in Togo and has Ghanaian ancestry, while his mother, Ank, is Dutch. This diverse blend of cultural influences has shaped Gakpo's worldview and identity, contributing to his unique perspective in and out of football.

2. He Began His Football Career at PSV Youth Academy at Age 8

Cody Gakpo commenced his football journey at the prestigious PSV Youth Academy in 2007, starting at 8 years old. His rapid development saw him rise through the ranks, becoming a standout player for PSV's under-19 team by the 2016–17 season.

Gakpo's ascent continued with his professional debut for Jong PSV in the Eerste Divisie on November 4, 2016, showcasing his skills against Helmond Sport. His formative years at PSV laid a solid foundation for his eventual graduation to the senior team in 2018, where he made an impact with his debut and impressive performances.

3. His Father, Johnny, Played Football, While His Mother, Ank, Played Rugby

Born into a family with a deep sporting heritage, Cody Gakpo's upbringing was steeped in athleticism. His father, Johnny, left a lasting impact on him by playing football, instilling an early passion for the sport. Meanwhile, his mother, Ank, contributed to the family's sporting pedigree with her background in rugby. Their influence paved the way for Cody's journey from a young enthusiast to a professional footballer, blending the grace of football and the grit of rugby in his athletic prowess.

4. He Advanced To the PSV Senior Team in 2018

In 2018, Cody reached a significant milestone in his career by earning a promotion to the PSV senior team. This transition culminated years of dedication and hard work within the PSV Youth Academy. Gakpo's debut for the senior team came as an injury-time substitute in a 3–1 victory over Feyenoord on February 25, 2018, underlining his readiness to compete at the highest level of Dutch football. His promotion reflected his footballing nous and his fortitude to succeed professionally.

5. He was the Dutch Footballer of the Year 2021–22

Gakpo's astounding displays for PSV Eindhoven and the Dutch national team earned him the title 'Dutch Footballer of the Year' for the 2021–22 season. This honour highlighted his significant contributions to PSV’s success in domestic and European competitions, where he demonstrated his scoring ability and versatility.

Gakpo’s impactful displays were also key to the Netherlands' qualifying for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This recognition affirmed his status as one of Dutch football's standout talents.

6. He Caught Liverpool's Attention After His Success at PSV

Impressed by his stellar performances at PSV, Liverpool finalised a deal with Gakpo on December 28, 2022, just before the January transfer window. Various tabloids reported the transfer involved a fee between £35.4 and £44.3 million (€40 to €50 million), signifying a major move for both clubs.

Gakpo made an immediate impact, debuting on January 7 in a 2–2 FA Cup draw against Wolverhampton Wanderers. He scored his first goal for Liverpool on February 13, contributing to a 2–0 Merseyside derby win over Everton.

7. He Represents the Netherlands Internationally Despite other Allegiances

Despite eligibility for Ghana or Togo, Gakpo chose the Netherlands, achieving milestones in his international career. He progressed through Dutch youth teams from under-18 to under-21 levels. His senior debut was at UEFA Euro 2020, marking the first Dutch player's Euro debut since 1980.

Gakpo scored his first international goal in a World Cup qualifier against Montenegro and joined the Dutch squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. He also played in Euro 2024, scoring an equaliser in their opener against Poland.

8. He Once Received A Wooden Hippopotamus As A Gift

During a memorable journey to South Korea for the Gyeongju International Youth Football Tournament in 2011, young Gakpo's standout performances earned him the Player of the Tournament accolade. Despite PSV Eindhoven's losing to Mexico's Pachuca in the final, Gakpo's skills made a lasting impact.

In a gesture of admiration, a member of the South African team presented him with a small wooden hippopotamus. This humble yet treasured gift has been by Gakpo's side ever since, symbolising his football journey's fruition and the global connections and friendships nurtured through the beautiful game.

9. He is Involved in A Sports Investment Firm Called APEX.

Cody Gakpo is not just a talented footballer but also a savvy entrepreneur. In addition to his involvement in APEX, a sports investment firm funding startups and technologies within the sports sector, Gakpo also manages a small property portfolio in the Netherlands.

APEX includes notable athletes like ex-Brazil left-back Marcelo and F1 drivers Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz among its partners. This venture showcases Gakpo's forward-thinking approach, expanding his interests beyond football and securing his financial future.

10. He is A Devoted Christian

The Eindhoven-born lad is also a devoted Christian. His faith plays a significant role in his life, guiding his actions during matches and everyday life. Gakpo has openly spoken about how his Christian beliefs influence his approach to football and life, emphasising values of honesty, kindness, and compassion.

His faith provides him with strength and perspective, contributing to his resilience and positive outlook amidst the challenges of professional sports. He once said: 'I try to read the Bible every day, I pray every day.'

11. He Has A Towering Height that Commands Attention

He commands the pitch with a towering presence, physically and tactically. Standing tall at 1.93 meters (6 feet 4 inches) among his peers, his imposing stature instils confidence in teammates and strikes apprehension in opponents.

Beyond his physicality, his commanding height extends to leadership qualities, guiding his team with authority and vision. Whether defending resolutely or attacking decisively, his towering height underscores his pivotal role in every match.

Cody Gakpo Girlfriend & Love Life

Many wonder if Cody Gakpo is married. He is not, but he is in a committed relationship with his girlfriend, Noa van der Bij, whom he has been dating since at least December 2020.

Noa, a model with a burgeoning career at Cachet Models following her studies in management, is known for her vibrant social media presence on Instagram. She has been a dedicated supporter of Cody, and their relationship is thriving as he continues to excel in his football career and entrepreneurial ventures.

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